Is he my friend or not

When is a relationship a relationship?

Honestly guys now ... When is a relationship a relationship? The first date goes great, the second even better. And before we know it, you are firmly anchored in our bed, head and heart. But then comes the big disappointment: You introduce us to someone as “a good friend” at a party, although we were already sure that we are definitely “the friend” and have entered the meeting day with hearts in our calendar. So when will we be your steadfast friend?

Dear girls, we have to be honest: Some of us will really only see you as good friends and a nice affair in this situation. But the majority of us men will feel the same way as you: We are in seventh heaven and actually we only think of you. But we too have doubts: what if it's just an affair for you? Do you feel the same as we do? We just find it hard to show our feelings, especially when we're not even sure that they will be reciprocated. So if we only introduce you as “a good friend” at a party, it only shows that we ourselves are not sure at what stage of our relationship we are at the moment.

When is it a relationship?

Doing something with someone, or even sleeping with them, doesn't always mean that you are in a relationship. If we introduce you as our friend, then it could be that you don't see it that way - and leave us at the party like an idiot in love. We also often need more time to be clear about what we want. A relationship is a big step and we men just don't want to commit ourselves so quickly and thereby make commitments.

Also, as it sounds like: "Fixed girlfriend", as if we are chained to you from now on and are only allowed to look at you. Most of the time it just happens all by itself. When you spend almost all of your free time together for weeks, constantly talking on the phone or writing and telling each other everything, then it is clear that this is more than just an affair. There is no exact point in time that you pass and then automatically be together. Some people already know after a few days that it is serious, but sometimes it can take weeks before you can be sure. Just let your feelings guide you, we'll do that too.

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Clear signs of when it is a relationship

But of course there are also a few clear signs that should signal to you: "We want you all!". When we introduce you to our friends and even introduce you to our family, you can be sure that we mean business. When we do things that cost us to overcome, such as holding hands in public and cuddling intimately, then we want to show everyone: Look here, this is my girlfriend.

The test in front of friends is one of the most important: If you cut a good figure in front of our friends, they will take you on board and treat you like one of them. When we introduce you to your future mother-in-law, you should feel safe: We are seriously interested in being with you.

He gives you nicknames

Do you have special nicknames for each other that are only used by you? This is a good sign that your relationship is solidifying and moving to the next round. It doesn't have to be the traditional nicknames like treasure or rabbit. We wanted to know what the current trend is.

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For a man who is serious, the three words "I love you" also have a big meaning. So when we confess our love to you, we want you to be our friend too. If you are not at all sure, you can just ask. A simple “How are things going on with us now?” Is harmless enough, and then you will know how things are going with our inner life. In a pinch, you can just turn the tables: If you introduce someone to us as a steadfast friend, we have to take a stand.

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