Did Trump interfere or collaborate with Russia?

Influencing the election: USA imposes sanctions on Russia

Donald Trump's administration has imposed sanctions on Russia because of the alleged Russian influence over the US presidential election. The punitive measures are directed against 19 people and five organizations, as the Treasury Department announced in Washington. They are a response to "malicious Russian cyber activities," including attempted intervention in US elections.

"The government is taking action against Russian cyber activities, including attempted interference in the US elections, harmful cyber attacks and intrusion into critical infrastructures," said Finance Minister Steve Mnuchin. Several officials of the Russian secret service GRU are affected. The ministry said the GRU and the Russian military were "directly" involved in influencing the 2016 presidential election. Additional sanctions are planned against Russian government officials and oligarchs. Meanwhile, Russia has announced replies. "We are reacting calmly. We have started to prepare measures," said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Riabkov, according to the Interfax news agency.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

Several US secret services have long accused Moscow of interfering in the 2016 election campaign with hacker attacks to help Trump and discredit its Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. A special investigator and several congressional committees are investigating whether there were any secret agreements with Trump's campaign camp.

"Shouting and roaring"

Russia has always denied interference. Russian President Vladimir Putin had demanded solid evidence from the US in support of the allegations that Russian citizens interfered in the US election campaign. In a recent interview with NBC, Putin described the allegations as "shouting and shouting" in the US Congress.

In the United States, several congressional committees, the Federal Police FBI and special investigator Robert Mueller are investigating the Russia affair. Mueller's office had indicted 13 Russian citizens and three companies in February for interfering in the 2016 election campaign in favor of today's US President Donald Trump and vilifying his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

"Give us documents"

Russia's President Vladimir Putin

"I have to see what they did first," Putin said, referring to the defendants. "Give us documents, give us information." When asked whether the Russian leadership would take action against the people concerned, Putin replied that if they had not violated Russian law, it would not be possible. The US authorities should send an official request to the Russian prosecutor. "It has to be through official channels, not through the media or shouting and shouting in the United States Congress."

Mueller's 37-page indictment stated that the Russians' goal was to sow discord in the US political system. The talk is of a conspiracy by the accused who spread contentious messages on the Internet under false names. You traveled to the United States to collect intelligence information. They also organized political protests while posing as Americans. Trump has always said that his campaign team did not work with Russia. The Russian government has also rejected the allegations.

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