How does a beginner start with forging?

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by Dorpsmedt on 01/11/2016 5:16 PM

Moin, together- The "criticism" only sounds so "violent" because I didn't want to make a novel out of the idea! Of course nobody was attacked by others because of his quality, criticism in the forum is always factual and justified. I only meant that the "basic requirements" of the works shown are already very high (and the hobby knives explicitly say "damask"). In my (Harz) area there is unfortunately no one who upholds the art of blacksmithing apart from a few traditional farms. At the court festivals, a few forged jewels are used to demonstrate how things were done in the past.
But that's not really enough for me! As written, I like to go to small oldie / tractor meetings to show something. If someone speaks to me with genuine interest, I always refer to the forum here and after a while I often get the feedback: Great source of the materials / tools, but the work is too demanding for me. Of course, the ability and the demand grow with the years, but for me it was only about the hobby offspring.
Regarding pictures: I have to "groom" myself a bit here because I only use an Android tablet on the Internet. I am on the road most of the day, first work then my own hoofed animals, to keep my old tractor running, in between heating up the forge to straighten something - in the breaks in between I am online to order material or to read in the forum. Not so much at once - see you soon.

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