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EU Parliament calls for an end to bio-fuel made from palm oil


The EU Parliament calls on the EU Commission to end the import of palm oil and the production of biofuel from vegetable oils from rainforest clearing. In addition, a single EU-wide certification system for agricultural raw materials is to end the multitude of voluntary sustainability labels.

The EU Parliament passed a resolution today with an overwhelming majority to restrict the import of palm oil into the EU. Palm oil from rainforest clearing and human rights violations should be banned by 2020. Sold in the EU From 2020, biofuels should no longer contain vegetable oils such as palm oil or soybean oil, the production of which causes deforestation.

Rainforest Rescue welcomes the decision of the EU Parliament as an important step: Now the EU must make binding laws out of it. There is already a draft law for biofuel. The EU Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the member states are currently negotiating a New version of the Renewable Energy Directive. The negotiations are based on a Commission proposal from the end of November last year (main part and appendix). It still stipulates that biofuel made from vegetable raw materials should be mixed with fossil fuels.

"Palm oil and all biofuels made from foodfunds must be deleted from the new Renewable Energy Directive ", urges Save the Rainforest. “This applies to biodiesel and hydrogenated biofuel made from palm, rapeseed, soy and sunflower oil as well as to ethanol made from maize, wheat, sugar cane or sugar beet. Food does not belong in car tanks or power plants"A total of two-thirds of the palm oil imports into the EU go into the production of biofuels as well as electricity and heat."

Also the request of the EU Parliament the only certification system for agricultural commodities Creating Rainforest Rescue is a step in the right direction. The EU Commission has already recognized 19 different industrial seals for the certification of raw materials for biofuel alone.

"All the industrial labels and certification companies paid for by the economy cannot solve the serious environmental, land and human rights problems," explains Rettet den Regenwald.

We demand a binding standard, government controls and severe penalties for non-compliance. Products from rainforest clearing, land conflicts, child labor and inhumane working conditions must be excluded.

Additional Information:

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- Own-initiative report on palm oil brought to the plenary by Czech MEP Kateřina Konečná. 640 MPs voted in favor of the motion, with 18 against and 28 abstentions.