Which beauty brands are overrated and overpriced?

5 Tips: Beauty Shopping in French Pharmacies

When it comes to France, beauty shopping in French pharmacies is always on my agenda. I always buy the same things there, but every now and then I take new things with me to test and try out. Today I would like to give you a few tips on how to keep a cool head in the jungle of French pharmacy brands and find the best and cheapest products, for example in Paris,

  1. Compare prices!
    The best example: Bioderma is finally available in Germany, but the prices in France are significantly lower. A 500ml bottle of the popular Sensibio micellar solution costs 18 euros or more in this country - in Paris, for example, you can get two of the 0.5 liter bottles everywhere. If you keep your eyes open, you can find the double pack in French pharmacies for just under 15 euros. My tip: Be sure to go to several shops and check your favorite products and prices. It's worth it! La Roche Posay, Vichy and Caudalie are of course also available in Germany, but in France the prices for these brands are also much more attractive ...
  2. Parapharmacies.
    Parashops & Parapharmacies have a similar range as the normal French pharmacies and are worth a visit. There are often all the "classic" brands such as Klorane, Bioderma and La Roche Posay, but also some natural cosmetic brands. There I discovered Akane, for example, a French beauty brand with the Eco Cert seal.
  3. The insider tip in Paris.
    Lisa Eldridge recommended it (see a video on this) and everyone is making a pilgrimage to it: City Pharma on Rue du Four in Paris. The cult pharmacy in the 6th arrondissement has super cheap prices, but is terribly overrun and, in my opinion, overrated. Usually long queues of greedy women are already forming outside, who a little later plunder the shelves inside with the help of the elbow technique. Personally, I think the atmosphere in the shop is terrible and I will never go there again. Because I have an ace up my sleeve and that is a pharmacy that offers the same prices, but is much nicer and is not overpopulated. We are talking about the pharmacy in the Marais district, exactly opposite the BHV. Since my first visit to Paris, I've been buying Bioderma & Co. in a relaxed atmosphere and looking forward to great advice and an equally huge range.
  4. There is no such thing in Germany:
    The hunt for the Klorane eye pads is now really fun. On my last visit to Paris I couldn't get hold of it, but found it in a small pharmacy in Marseille during our little cruise. The pads smooth small wrinkles, freshen the eye and can reduce slight puffiness when cooled. Sephora has now started selling the pads online - at twice the price ... Sometimes you can find them cheaply online, but nothing is nicer than chasing the patches in Paris ...
    The Zerosinc Facial Toner from La Roche Posay is also not available in Germany. It has an antiseptic effect and fights against impure skin in the second or third cleansing step. You can also order online, but with the prices quoted on the Internet, I still prefer to buy it locally in France.
    Absolutely great and huge: the Uriage range. Just browse and test! I love the brand's Makeup Remover Cleansing Oil.
    The face and body care brand BIAFINE, which has many beautiful products in its range, is very interesting. The Biafine Emulsion is a bestseller and heals burns as well as sunburns in a very short time. But I have to advise you against the Biafine Micellar Water, it's not worth the money.
    Yes, Klorane is also available in German pharmacies, but only in France can you be amazed at such a large range of hair, face and body care products. The hair products are great and invite you to test your way through all of the varieties. The dry shampoo is hugely popular around the world and works great if you work it in properly (and rub it in with a towel).
    There are also some wound and healing creams that many beauty lovers around the world swear by. For example Homeoplasmine, a panacea for irritations of all kinds. I also love the balm, which leaves a matt finish and therefore does not compete with any lipstick texture. These are available without a prescription, but have to be ordered at the counter. Incidentally, this also applies to A313, a cream that replaces 'Avibon', as this cult product has been reformulated for months. A313 has almost the same, ingenious formulation - it is nothing more than an over-the-counter and high-dose vitamin A cream that is supposed to work against wrinkles and lines.
  5. Definitely buy * / My must-haves & recommendations:
    Bioderma: Sensibio in a double pack (stock up!), The nourishing Hydrabio face spray with SPF 30
    Klorane: the Oat Milk Shampoo (the same 400 ml), the hyped dry shampoo for spraying in a double pack (allegedly also uses Karl Lagerfeld), the powder dry shampoo (sensationally good!), the eye pads (unfortunately often sold out) and the floral water make-up Remover (I like the big bottle with 400ml and pump dispenser)
    La Roche Posay: Zerosinc Toner, the thermal water and the Toleriane Range (cheaper!)
    Cattier: the green clay mask and the pomegranate conditioner (much cheaper than in Germany)
    Miscellaneous: the Cleansing Oil from Uriage, the Phyto 7 hair cream

* My purchase recommendations are based on my own taste. Yes, some are available online or in Germany, but the prices in French pharmacies are unbeatable.

Now I'm curious: Have you ever hunted French beauty products and plundered the pharmacies? What are your favorites and what can you recommend?