You can buy valuable links on Fiverr

Buy backlinks on Fiverr ?! (2021): That has to be considered!

Money anchor text: An anchor text that matches exactly the keyword for which it is to be ranked. This is rather rare with real blogs and websites. You see more often anchor texts like:

Click here, more about it or the name of the website and not so often the keyword for which the website wants to rank.

Therefore, you should be careful yourself and incorporate a good distribution and variation into the anchor texts in your backlink strategy so that Google classifies these links as generic links.

More about it here.

If you've gone through this complete filtering process, you should now have a handful of quality websites for one low price.

Note: Better to have 5 quality links than 15 links from "spammy" websites.

So the work is really worth it.

How expensive should the link be?

A link with a decent DA can cost over 100 €. As a rule, however, you can get good links on Fiverr with a budget of 50-70 € per backlink. Competitor is a lot more expensive.

I would recommend that you set a fixed budget for each article that you would like to spend on promotion. Because it doesn't matter whether you're doing a backlink outreach with an email campaign or buying a link. In both cases you will have to put money into the doctorate.

That's a good thing. Often this is a perfect motivation to make the article better and more qualitative, because you invest real money and not "just" your own time.

Conclusion - for whom is the backlink on Fiverr worthwhile?

Basically for everyone. Since the analysis takes a little more time than the competitor, I recommend this work more for websites with one tighter budget.

Because the backlinks are cheaper, but a little harder to find.

I personally use the backlinks especially in the development phase a website every now and then as a little support to quickly gain authority and get more referring domains.

I have had good experiences and have actually come to page 1 with some pages or articles through links via Fiverr!

(Not just Fiverr alone, but it definitely helped!)

So it works if you do it right!

Here you can find your own links on Fiverr.

But with a lot of caution and care, so that the link appears generic and then does no harm to the website, but really helps to get better rankings!

That's it from me today!