Is game is software or application

Set restrictions on apps and games on all children's devices

If your child spends too much time playing certain apps or games, you can set time restrictions on those apps or games. App and game restrictions are available on Windows 10 and Xbox devices, and Android devices with Microsoft Family Safety installed. After you set a limit, it will work on all devices. (For example, if you set YouTube to two hours, a total of two hours can be spent on YouTube on Windows 10, Xbox, and Android).

To set these limits, click any of the following topics for more information:

  1. Sign in to your Family Safety account.

  2. Find your family member, then select their name> tap the Screen time map > Apps and games

  3. Activate App restrictions

  4. Tap the app or game that you want to set restrictions for.

  5. Determine how much time your child or family member can spend with the app or the game every day and when they can use it.

  1. Go to and sign in with your Microsoft account.

  2. Find your child's name and select App and game restrictions out.

    Note:App and game restrictions are currently not available for adult accounts.

  3. Find the app or game to set restrictions on it.

  4. Define how much time your child can spend with the app or the game every day and when they can be used. You can also set up different schedules for weekdays and weekends.

  5. You can choose to completely block an app or a game.

What about apps and games that also have a website?

In the Internet app and game restrictions section, you can check a box to block linked websites after a limit has been set. (For example, if you've set a time limit on YouTube and you don't want your child to go over the limit by going to, you can block entirely). It becomes the list Blocked apps under Content filter added, which you can view at or in Family Safety.

Why is the same app or game listed more than once?

That should only be the case temporarily. Sometimes an app or game is listed multiple times because your child installed it on more than one platform.

We're trying to process the data so that the same app or game is only shown once. However, there may be a delay. Put a limit on each app and game until we resolve this issue.