What defines a non-profit hospital


Fri, March 9th, 2018

What does non-profit actually mean - and why is the Roland-Klinik a gGmbH?

True to the motto “Competence in Motion”, the Roland Clinic specializes in all areas of orthopedics and hand surgery - both operational and conservative. In order to help our patients regain a better quality of life, we not only rely on specialist medical expertise, but also on modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods, both inpatient and outpatient. So far, so good, but: We are often asked whether everyone - whether private or statutory health insurance - can be treated with us. Our answer is: a resounding yes! The Roland-Klinik is a non-profit GmbH (gGmbH), which means, among other things, that every patient is welcome with us, regardless of where he or she is insured. Like all other hospitals, we only need a briefing or referral from a general practitioner or specialist for inpatient admission. But what is the “non-profit status” all about? And what does “non-profit” and “private” mean in contrast to this? Here is an attempt to explain: First of all, a hospital can in principle and from a legal point of view be operated by a natural person, i.e. every human being. As a rule, however, the operators are more legal entities such as a GmbH.

The focus of a non-profit hospital is always the common good - synonymous with the well-being of the individual patient.

The non-profit organizations can be associations, foundations or legal entities e.g. B. GmbH act, The focus of a non-profit or non-profit hospital is always the common good - synonymous with the well-being of the individual patient. The term "non-profit" is relevant under tax law, because only the activities that serve the general public listed in paragraph 52 of the tax code are considered to be non-profit in the tax law sense - for example, this concerns funding in the health care system. The non-profit GmbH (gGmbH) is exempt from corporation tax . In return, the gGmbH is obliged to use the funds generated only for charitable purposes.

So we are a non-profit specialist clinic - and act accordingly. This gives us flexibility, which in turn benefits you as a patient. Because we not only work in a highly professional manner in compliance with the latest standards, but also according to humane, qualitative and economic principles - this includes being able to use all of our financial and human resources in a targeted manner for the benefit of our patients.

Cooperation group Free Clinics Bremen

The Roland-Klinik is a founding member of the cooperation group Freie Kliniken Bremen, to which the four non-profit hospitals DIAKO Ev. Diakonie-Krankenhaus, St. Joseph-Stift Hospital, Roland-Klinik and Red Cross Hospital merged in 2005. The aim of this cooperation is to continuously improve the medical and nursing offers for patients, true to the motto “fourfold cared for”. Almost every clinical picture can be competently treated within the Freie Kliniken Bremen, because if necessary, different specialists across clinics and disciplines can be consulted for diagnosis or therapy.