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BMW: car brand, locations and history

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BMW - sheer driving pleasure

On German roads as well as abroad enjoy some car brandsspecial reputation. Undoubtedly one of the Front runners the BMW brand. Their slogan "For sheer driving pleasure" has only been marginally used once since 1965 "Driving pleasure" transformed. The Brand management from BMW has proven to be excellent over the decades, which is why the Driving a vehicle of this brand still one some prestige goes hand in hand.

But what does “BMW” actually mean? Let me answer that right from the start: BMW is one abbreviation and stands for Bavarian Motor Works, their Product range not only various car models from BMW includes, but also motorcycles of the same brand as well as the car brandsMini and Rolls-Royce. Find out more about how the manufacturer has developed over the past decades and what makes BMW a so-called Premium manufacturer makes.


Where does the name "BMW" come from?

The abbreviation “BMW” stands for the Bavarian Motor Works, which produce the car brand.

When was today's BMW Group actually founded?

BMW was founded in 1916. You can read more about the history of the automaker here.

What are the most popular BMW models?

For a long time, the 3-series BMW was considered the sportiest sedan that could be bought. But the 5 Series BMW is still popular as a company car and is also the best-selling series after the 3 Series.

The history of the BMW Group

When was BMW actually founded? The story of BMW began in 1916, as the Flying machine factory Gustav Otto in the Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke AG passed over. In the following year, the Rapp engine works the Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH. A year later it was converted to an AG. 1922 in the end merged both, where Company and brand name of BMW AG taken over were. That year the company moved to the Oberwiesenfeld in Munich, where the BMW headquarters is located.

Even if BMW is primarily important today because of its cars, these were not manufactured from the start. Not until the year 1928 BMW started with the Production of automobiles. Already since 1923 were, however motorcycles manufactured by the company. Basically, next to Aircraft engines but not only produces BMW automobiles and motorcycles. After this First World War also included the product range Railway brakes and built-in motors. During the second worldwar became almost exclusively Aircraft engines for the German Air Force built. This also happened in Berlin-Spandauwhere the seat of the Brandenburg Motor Works GmbH found the since 1939 belonged to BMW AG.

As a result of Classification as an armaments company was every BMW factory Approved for dismantling after the end of World War II. Reconstruction began with one Emergency production of household appliances. Not until the year 1948 the first BMW was produced again: that single cylinder motorcycle R 24. With the Luxury limousine 501 followed 1952 finally that first post-war automobile. That this - hardly surprising - no economic success did not change the fact that BMW turned out to be Manufacturer of high quality and technically advanced vehicles when the 501 hit the market.

In the following years enlarged the BMW Group is steadily growing. Worldwide sales subsidiaries made one out of BMW as early as 1973 globally operating group. The brands Mini and Rolls-Royce were Late 1990s acquired. By 2020 should the BMW Group according to its own objective of leading global providers of premium products and services in the mobility sector.

The popularity of the BMW is unbroken

The fundamental questions You can now answer “What is BMW?” And “Where is BMW built?”. But do you also have an answer as to why the BMW brand So popular in Germany and abroad is? First and foremost, this is probably due to the fact that the company is one of the so-called Premium manufacturers of motor vehicles belongs. The fight for the Top in the premium segment is regularly fought out between Audi, Mercedes and BMW.

The vehicles in the premium segment are usually not only high pricedbut can also through theirs high quality equipment and your technical components to convince. At the same time, the vehicles are to go through a certain sportiness attract attention, but without the Elegance of a luxury limousine to lose.

The Core models in the BMW automotive sector are the 3 and 5 series BMW. In the Middle class was the 3 series long time as sportiest sedanthat could be bought - and at a price that many consider to be barely affordable was true. In return, the middle-class buyer got one sleek six-cylinder. The 5 series BMW is after the 3 series the best-selling series and also as Business car always in demand.

The Price of a vehicle in the premium segment, it is not just a result of its engine. Manufacturers make the greatest profit not with basic versionsbut mostly by that optional equipment of vehicles with Additional packages like the business or entertainment package.
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