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Decorative snowflakes, small, 9 cm

The 9 cm small decorative snowflakes are cut out of cardboard and provided with a hole at the top and bottom. You can paint the different snow crystals white or colored, flock them with small white fluff flakes or decorate them creatively on a windowsill or on the Christmas tree according to your ideas.

Note: Craft items

Content:5.00 pcs.
Packaging Unit:1 piece
Length:90.00 mm
Width:90.00 mm
Height:1.00 mm
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Product description

Decorative snowflakes, small, for Advent and Christmas decorations. The five differently designed snow crystals are lasered from a particularly sturdy cardboard box. This gives the snow crystals a brownish color on the cut edges. This goes perfectly with the used look and vintage effects.
If you prefer clean white, you can paint the snowflakes with white acrylic paint or paint them with a paint spray.
A very special design is created when you coat the snow crystals with snow glue and then flock them with the white fluff flakes!
Each snowflake has a hole at the top and bottom. You can hang them on your Christmas tree with a string or hang several snowflakes together as a garland on a wintry decorated window. The snow crystals are available in different sizes that can be easily combined with each other.

Content: 5 small snowflakes with a diameter of 9 cm

Application notes

Create decorative snowflakes as Christmas tree decorations: The snowflakes have a hole at the top and bottom. If you use them untreated, they will have a bit of a brownish patina from the laser process. This is ideal for a used look and vintage design and also goes well with straw stars on the fir tree. You can also simply paint the snowflakes with white acrylic paint and pull a thread or cord through the hole and hang them on your Christmas tree.

Combine decorative snowflakes into a fluffy garland: The decorative snowflakes are available in different sizes. First of all you paint them all white. Then you spread snow glue on one side. Then use the shaker to blow white fluff flakes into the damp adhesive. Let everything dry well and then fluff the other side as well. Now you pull fine twine through the holes above and below in the snowflakes (preferably in white) and thread one after the other snowflakes one below the other. Your garland is ready and you can hang it in the window as an Advent decoration.


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