What are some basic flood control strategies

FWG Ortenberg wants to tackle long-term flood protection strategies

ORTENBERG - (red). Recently floods of a previously unknown magnitude hit Büdingen and some of its districts, but also Ortenberg and its districts, such as the core city, Bleichenbach and Bergheim and, in some cases, Gelnhaar. Also in Kefenrod and in the community of Glauburg there was sometimes considerable damage, as the FWG Ortenberg explains in a press release. After these events, the Free Voters are now in favor of developing long-term flood protection strategies and implementing them accordingly.
The exemplary cooperation of fire brigades, the Red Cross, THW, the building yards and helpful citizens were able to prevent even worse in many cases. In addition, the administrations in Büdingen and Ortenberg did not remain inactive. In Ortenberg, the parliamentary groups of the SPD, CDU and the Free Voters had exchanged ideas internally and through the Committee of Elders about various immediate measures and passed their ideas on to the administration. In this way, donation accounts were set up, containers were made available for the disposal of unusable household items, the DRK supported the organization and transport of drying equipment, and businesspeople offered and provided support in a variety of ways. All political forces worked together purposefully and constructively, and this rare unity was an essential basis for the fact that a great deal happened very quickly.
As much as the reactions can be regarded as exemplary, the Free Voters in Ortenberg, in view of these events, see the absolute need to put the issue of flood protection on the agenda with a long-term perspective. If flood events have occurred in the past few years, they are mostly rare and the consequences are not as extreme - as was the case in 2014, when parts of the Ortenberg old town near the Nidder were also flooded.
At least in Ortenberg there had been no fundamental debates about flood protection with a long-term perspective in the past few years. In connection with the possible construction of wind turbines, there was an indication that excessive soil sealing due to the geographical conditions in the municipality (narrow valleys) could increase the risk of flooding during heavy rain events, but it stayed that way. The Free Voters do not want to initiate a “guilt debate” here, because one honestly has to admit that no parliamentary group in the Ortenberg City Council has paid much attention to this issue in recent years.
"But strategic flood protection with a long-term perspective is a political goal that encompasses a great many aspects, all of which must be viewed comprehensively and holistically," said the Free Voters. A municipality alone has neither the means nor the competence to decide and implement all the necessary measures. In the case of structural interventions in bodies of water (e.g. retention basins, protective dams, drainage / relief ditches), water associations, nature conservation authorities and other institutions must be involved and involved. The technical expertise must also come from outside the administration. “We as Free Voters will take up the topic in the newly constituted city council in Ortenberg and work towards the city of Ortenberg becoming active in this direction. In doing so, we will seek to close ranks with the other parliamentary groups and make constructive suggestions, ”emphasized the FWG in conclusion.