Why can some people not gain weight?

Why some can eat anything without getting fat

It's a bit unfair: some people eat what and how much they want and still maintain their weight. Researchers now want to have found out why this is.

Apparently, the key to eating-without-gaining weight is human body fat. Lean people usually have more brown fat and can activate it better than others. This was the result of a study by the Technical University (TU) in Munich, which has now been published in the "Journal of Nuclear Medicine".

There is brown and white fat in the body

There are two different types of adipose tissue in the human body: brown and white. White fat stores excess energy and is therefore considered to be responsible for obesity. In comparison, the brown fat is an energy eater, it increases the calorie consumption.

The scientists at the Technical University of Munich have found that the proportion of brown fat in humans is three times greater than was previously known. The activity of this fat also seems to be more active in women than in men. It is also more active in younger people than in older people and more active in lean people than in people who are overweight.

Melt away excess pounds with active brown fat

However, the researchers do not yet know why some people have particularly active brown fat. According to their findings, however, this could be related to a factor called creatinine clearance, which is related to kidney function. According to Dr. Tobias Fromme from the Else Kröner Fresenius Center at the Technical University of Munich, there could be signal substances that act on brown fat and at the same time on the kidneys.

For the study, the scientists evaluated around 3,000 positron emission tomography scans from more than 1,600 patients. These scans are used in cancer medicine.

The research results could in the future help to shed excess pounds in obese patients. They could also be useful for diabetics: a drug could stimulate the activity of brown fat and thus reduce the excess sugar content in the blood.

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