How do you start a team meeting

Conducting team meetings effectively - method tips for team meetings

With this method you invite the participants of the team meeting to a change of perspective. It can be used well if the participants do not know how to do something better, but have concrete ideas on how to do it worse. The "worsening" of the current situation opens up new solutions.

How to do it:
Ask your participants to engage in an experiment that may seem pretty crazy at first. The experiment is not easy, but it is effective! Briefly name the actual question that is to be worked on. Then reverse the question into the opposite and write it down clearly visible on the pin board, e.g.

"How can we worsen teamwork?"
"How can we reduce the transparency of information in the company?"
"How can we torpedo common values?"

Now, together with your team, collect as concrete and detailed (!) Suggestions as possible to worsen the situation and let the ideas be written on cards and attached to the question. The more precise the suggestions are, the easier it is to continue working with them.

After collecting the ideas, hang up the original question again. Which constructive ideas can be drawn from the proposed solutions? Collect these on cards as well and attach them to the original question. Have fun and good luck!