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In fact, all electrons participate of impulse transmission as a result of their movement in the atom and take some of the energy from the gamma quantum because they were bound in the atomic system.
In fact, however, all electrons participate in the momentum transfer (owing to their motion in an atom) and capture from a quantum a part of energy (because they are bound in the atomic coordinate system).
Every particle, including a photon, is detected when interacting with other particles, i.e., actually after of impulse transmission.
Any particle (including a photon) is detected from its interaction with other particles, that is, actually, from the momentum transfer.
The restoration of impulse transmission occurs through re-grown nerve endings and their reconnection with the motor end plates.
These images, a treasure trove of quotes from the collective memory, are media images, as it were keywords that set chains of associations in motion, transmit impulses, similar to the swinging, clicking rows of balls that physics teachers like to use to explain the principle of impulse transmission to represent.
Those images, a well of quotations of the collective consciousness, are media images, as it were, keywords, which start associations and convey impulses.Similar to those swinging and clicking rows of balls happily used by physics teachers to represent the principle of pulse transmission.
What should happen with the Lebedev light pressure experiments (and with today's generally accepted idea), if the observing speed of the body is at of impulse transmission changed from the light?
But in such a case what shall we do with Lebedev's experiments (and to the present conventional concepts) on light pressure, where at momentum transmission by light it was the observed velocity of a body, which has changed?
Cathode atomization coating (sputtering / dusting) is a process for the production of coating layers, which is based on the principle of impulse transmission is based. Here, positively charged ions are shot onto the surface of a target (coating material) with the help of an electric field.
Sputter Deposition is an overlay coating process based on a momentum transfer phenomenon, wherein positive ions are accelerated by an electric field towards the surface of a target (coating material).
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