What is your favorite YouTube music video


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Videos worldwide - from the coolest music videos to hits in gaming, fashion, beauty, news, education and more. You can subscribe to your favorite channels, create your own content, share videos with friends and play them on all devices.

View and subscribe
● You can find personal recommendations on the “Start” tab.
● Under "Subscriptions" you can see the latest uploads from your favorite channels.
● The "Media Library" contains the videos that you viewed, rated "I like" and saved for later.

Discover different topics, trending content as well as aspiring creators, gamers and artists
(available in selected countries)
● You can keep up to date in areas like music, gaming, beauty, news, and education.
● On the “Discover” tab, you can see what's trending on YouTube and around the world.
● Learn more about emerging creators, gamers, and artists (available in select countries).

Stay in touch with the YouTube community
● Via posts, stories, premieres and live streams, you can always follow what's new with your favorite creators.
● In the comments you can exchange ideas with creators and other community members.

Create content on your mobile device
● You can create or upload your own videos directly in the app.
● With live streams directly via the app, you can get in touch with your viewers in real time.

Find the right solution for you and your family (available in selected countries)
● Every family uses online video differently. Visit youtube.com/myfamily for more information about the YouTube Kids app and the new YouTube accounts with parental control.

Support creators with a channel membership (available in select countries)
● With a paid monthly membership you support the work of Creatorn.
● You get access to exclusive advantages on the respective channel and become part of a community of channel members.
● With a logo for loyal fans next to your username, you stand out from the crowd in comments and live chats.

Upgrade to YouTube Premium (available in select countries)
● You can watch videos while using other apps or while your screen is locked - without any commercial breaks.
● You can save videos and play them at any time - even on the plane or on the
Way to work.
● Membership also includes access to YouTube Music Premium.