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Earn money with TikTok - like this is it

TikTok has taken over the social media world out of nowhere! The video app has grown exponentially in popularity since its release for Android and iOS in 2017. The app currently has over 800 million users under its spell and has already been downloaded more than 2 billion times in the Play and App Store. The idea behind TikTok is that people can use their smartphones to create short videos quickly and easily, so that anyone with a smart idea can become a media designer.


  • Earn more than 30€ right after registration
  • Payout within from 24h by Paypal or bank transfer
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As with pretty much every growing social media platform, TikTok users ask themselves: "Can you make money with this one?" Yes you can. Even if TikTok is basically not geared towards monetization, there are a handful of ways to profit financially with clever and creative use of the platform.

In this post we explain all the ways you can make money with TikTok. Basically, it should be noted that there is no magic formula that will enable you to take early retirement with a minimal investment of time. To make money with TikTok, like most online sources of income, continuity, creativity and a bit of luck are most important.

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Earning money with TikTok - this is how it works

  • You already have a growing TikTok account with organic followers
  • You work as a social media manager for a company on other platforms and now want to advertise your products / services on TikTok
  • You already have an established, growing account on other social media platforms and are considering switching to TikTok due to the integrated monetization features (TikTok Content Marketplace).
  • You have already made a name for yourself as a social media consultant and are now considering expanding your expertise on TikTok and thus offering new services to existing customers

Manage campaigns for influencers

This is not a new idea and it applies to every popular social media platform. You don't have to be an influencer yourself to make money with influencer marketing. You can also act as an agent or middle man between TikTok influencers and brands interested in partnerships.

Brands will most likely turn to a TikTok influencer if the following requirements are met:

  1. The content posted on the account is consistent with the brand's culture and philosophy.
  2. The account has a high engagement rate (i.e. the account not only has many followers, but above all active followers who interact with the posted content.)
  3. The account's followers match the demographics (age, gender, interests, etc.) that the brand is targeting.

From negotiating the cooperation to coordinating both parties to ensuring that expectations are met - as the coordinator, you receive a service fee for managing such campaigns.

TikTok is very sophisticated about this. The platform has a built-in influencer program called TikTok Creator Marketplace. This makes it easy for big brands to find specific TikTok users for partnerships. Here, TikTok is practically the middleman and, like you as an agent, earns in every partnership. However, that doesn't mean that your service is completely redundant.

If you give brands a better helping hand and charge a lower service fee than the TikTok Creator Marketplace, they will trust your services and skills as an influencer agent.

Build accounts and sell them

One method of making money with TikTok is to create accounts and then sell them to themed stores. This is becoming increasingly popular, especially in e-commerce.

Similar to Instagram, you choose a niche and then create fun content, ideally content that is viral and topic-relevant to attract the person who would match the product's customer demographics.

There are already many people who are full-time creating TikTok profiles around a specific interest. Usually it's a niche topic and they may not have anything to sell, but they will reach out to brands in this industry and sell them their TikTok profile. The good news for ecommerce businesses is that once they have a large themed account in their hands, it's relatively easy to sell products.

Collect donations in the livestream

Anyone who has ever seen streams on Twitch is familiar with this feature. TikTok users can generate considerable amounts by collecting donations in livestreams. This function is really unique compared to other social media platforms.

If you are a TikTok user, you can buy so-called "coins" in your profile. 100 coins. At the moment you get 65 of these coins for 99 cents. Users can use these coins to thank the organizers of a live stream during the stream for the entertainment and efforts. The organizers can convert these coins into so-called "diamonds". You can then post the value of these diamonds to your PayPal account.

In order to host live streams on TikTok, you first need 1000 followers. However, users who do not follow you and who have reached your channel thanks to TikTok's algorithm can also donate coins.

The Chinese version of TikTok, "Douyin", goes one better here. You can fade in shopping carts with products in the livestream and thus hold auctions during the stream. Teleshopping, which is now out of date, is making a comeback. There are indications that this feature will soon be made available on TikTok.

Use TikTok Ads

Of course, like Facebook and Instagram, TikTok also has its own advertising platform that you can log into. Especially if you have an e-commerce or SaaS product that primarily appeals to young people, an official advertising campaign might be worthwhile. 66% of TikTok users are under 30 years old. You don't need a big budget to just experiment by starting a small campaign to estimate the profitability of TikTok Ads.

Become an account manager

If you have gained a lot of experience with the platform and are creative in content design, you can also benefit from the TikTok boom by becoming an account manager. Some accounts unexpectedly have thousands of followers through a single viral post, even though the owners don't actually know how to further expand their following and thus profit financially.

You can step in here. You help the owners with content strategy, idea creation, monetization, management of partnerships, etc.

Become a social media advisor

If you have a lot of experience and good references on the platform, you could sell your knowledge in the form of advisory services. This is a really great way to use your expertise on the platform and help people who want to get famous on TikTok, or brands that have decided to get active on TikTok, build a long-term strategy.

The challenge here is the low entry barrier. Just as good-looking “Instagrammers” pretend to be models, there are also “social media managers” who use irrelevant statistics to fool their customers into success. Here you have to set yourself apart from the crowd with plenty of know-how, experience and good references. But once you have established yourself in this niche, many potential customers will approach you to benefit from your knowledge and skills.

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TikTok is no longer just a cool app that teenagers can use to make lip sync and dance videos. Even if the app is still relatively young compared to other social media platforms and many functions are not yet fully developed, the app is gradually becoming the target of many big brands.

This is precisely why right now is the ideal time to gain experience and references, to make a name for yourself as a TikTok expert and to be one step ahead of the competition.

TikTok is currently the Wild West. The platform's algorithm is constantly changing and, as an expert, you have to adapt your content strategies accordingly. If you can use the platform skillfully and creatively and have achieved organic growth, there are a variety of ways to monetize your followers. However, there are no shortcuts to be taken along the way. Creativity, skill and continuity are essential for this.

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