Was Kevin Bacon in Footloose

Could someone explain the Kevin Bacon joke in Guardians of the Galaxy?

This is just a fun clue about the movie Footloose , a dance film from the 80s with the actor Kevin Bacon In the main role. Actually sums it up Peter the story of this film pretty much put together:

Well, on my planet we have a legend about people like you. It's called footloose. And in it, a great hero named Kevin Bacon teaches a whole city full of people with sticks in their butts that dancing is the best there is.

Given that the film was released in 1984, it should be one of the newest films that Peter as a child before he was abducted, and he's quite a dance enthusiast indeed. And since the story of the film was about convincing people to dance, it fits the bill pretty well and is a parable for the current situation of both him and him Gamora .

As a side note, after this scene I switched to a real one later in the film Footloose Tribute waited, which unfortunately didn't come, but if any film could have included that Guardians of the Galaxy , I think.


Well, Gamora notes, "We're just like Kevin Bacon!" near the end but i suppose that's all you get.

Napoleon Wilson ♦

@ MrDoom Yes, although I admit I didn't really get what she meant by that. She just meant "we own them!" or something similar? And while the movie's music was more grounded in the 70s (as it was actually his mother's), I would have Footloose gladly heard in this movie.


I have generally understood that your interpretation of Footloose when Kevin Bacon ended up being a great warrior who came to save the people. It's entirely possible that we both analyze too much, which is supposed to be a one-off funny remark.