Who needs translation services


The team at Certified Translation Services created professional translations of academic, legal, technical, economic and medical documents in many language directions. We create high-quality translations in one or more languages ​​according to the specifications of our customers. Our qualified linguists work with the latest professional translation software and terminology resources to produce accurate texts of the highest quality.

Certified Translation Services guarantees:

  • precise and accurate translations
  • extremely competitive prices
  • fast deliveries
  • professional and friendly advice, completely free of charge

Certified Translation Services operates in the UK and worldwide, regardless of where our clients are based. We offer translations into more than a hundred languages ​​by our professional in-house translators and a network of certified freelancers, all of whom work in specific fields. As you would expect from a top translation company, all of our linguists are fully trained, experienced and qualified.

We carry out the majority of our translations over the Internet in order to offer you the fastest possible service from the offer phase to delivery of the finished document. There is an urgent need for online language services in today's market where many medium to large companies operate multinationally. Magic Circle law firms, highly specialized engineering firms, marketing teams with high-end customers or toy manufacturers - they all need specialist translations in order to advertise, communicate, improve understanding or expand into new markets. We don't just want to meet our customers' expectations, we want to exceed them, during the entire service and with a view to a high-quality end product.

Our most requested services include:

Certified translations

For example, the translation of an official document such as a birth / marriage / divorce certificate, bank statement, visa, university degree or protocol. These translations are often submitted to official agencies and organizations such as the Foreign Ministry or the embassies of countries around the world.

Legal translations

We specialize in translations in the areas of insurance law, labor law, civil law, criminal law and business law. We translate contracts, court judgments and statutes on a regular basis. We are aware of the generally tight deadlines for scheduled hearings and legal proceedings and strive to meet our customers' deadlines.

Commercial translations

We are able to translate any business correspondence or marketing campaign from our clients into the correct language. Our translations are done by linguists who are experienced in handling such documents and who in many cases worked in the relevant industry before they became translators. We only work with translators who have been selected by us based on their experience and expertise and who we know will deliver an excellent translation. We not only convey the words, but also the ideas and meaning of your message in the target language desired by your audience.

Technical translations

The most important aspect of technical documents is the conveyance of factual information. We employ specialist translators who understand the jargon of specific industries and can convey it in their own language, and who are able to keep up with the ever-evolving world of technology, science and related fields.

Website localization and translation services

Providing customers with information in their own language is central to generating revenue: it ensures their understanding and they appreciate the vendor's efforts to address them in their own language. Your website will be translated according to the market trends of the intended target country or region.

According to surveys on translation services:

  • More than 1 billion people use the Internet in languages ​​other than English
  • English is not the first language for more than 70% of internet users
  • Online shoppers are five times more likely to make a purchase from a website in their own language