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Collect donations & move the world

What information do I need to provide in order to raise funds?
All you have to do to collect donations is enter your name and an email address. The non-profit organization that receives the donations must give us their address and of course their bank details.

Who can collect donations on betterplace.org?
Only organizations recognized as non-profit organizations in Germany can collect donations on betterplace.org. In addition, private individuals can start fundraising campaigns for these organizations - for their birthday or for a marathon, for example.

What do I have to do to raise funds?
First of all, you and your organization have to register on betterplace.org. From there we will help you step by step until your project can be activated. And then it can start!

Why do I have to register / login?
Behind every organization there are committed people like you. In the interests of transparency, we believe that donors should be able to see these people - so they prefer to donate. For you and your online fundraising, a registered profile on betterplace.org is also your access to your project: to apply for donations, to write news, to thank your donors.

Who will get the donations?
The donations will only be transferred to the account of the non-profit organization that is the sponsor of the project.

Who will get a donation receipt?
Everyone who donates on betterplace.org receives a donation receipt for all donations made in the past year in February of the following year.

What do I have to consider when collecting donations?
We have put together the 8 best online fundraising tips for you on our blog. Very important: keep in touch with your donors! Thank them and keep them up to date with regular updates on what's happening with you.

How can I contact my donors?
You can thank your donors personally for every donation! They also have the option of subscribing to your project newsletter - every time you write a piece of news, it goes straight to their inbox.

Where can I see the donations received?
You can find all donations received in your transaction log in the administration area. You can also thank them there for the donations.

Why is betterplace.org the best provider for fundraising?
Because we are non-profit! It is important to us to move as much as possible - and not on international accounts, but on site in projects, initiatives and neighborhoods. In addition, there are 11 years of casual online fundraising experience. We pass this knowledge on to you in personal support, workshops and tutorials.

Why are there 2.5% transaction costs?
With this 2.5% we cover the fees that our payment service providers incur - because every secure transfer, chargeback and direct debit costs us something.