How do twin flames merge

Twin Flames - The connection we look for all our lives

You will read about twin flames more often on esoteric pages. But it is an age-old theory that the Greek philosopher Plato had already dealt with. And many people since then have been able to testify that they had this deep and life changing experience.

In this post you will find out what twin flames are, what makes them so fascinating and whether you have met yours in your life ...

Magical love: what is a twin flame?

Twin flames are basically supposed to represent a soul that is in two bodies. According to Plato, at the beginning of time we had two faces, four arms and legs. The gods punished us by dividing us in half and scattering us on the earth.

Since then we have been wandering the world in desperate search for our second half that will make us complete again. Some also believe that we reincarnate until our karma is pure again - only then do our souls find each other again.

For some it may be esoteric nonsense, for others a romantic story about pure and perfect love. But the search for that one true love, the one person with whom we feel more connected from the first moment than with anyone before, that puts an end to our loneliness and with whom we live in perfect harmony, is deeply rooted Desire that glows in each of us.

No matter how great our life is, whether we are blessed with family, friends, health and wealth, we are still on the lookout for the one desiring, romantic and intimate love - because it is what makes our life perfect and worth living.

Difference Between Soulmate and Twin Flames

The terms soul mate and twin soul or flame basically have the same meaning, according to their history. However, more and more I come across articles that make a big difference between a soul mate and a twin flame.

Today many refer to a soulmate as a person with whom you are on the same frequency. You are, so to speak, in the same energy field. You can meet several soul mates in your life and they can be friends or part of your family - mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, ...

You can have a soul mate as a love partner, but more often they come in the form of platonic friendships. Soul mates come into your life to move you forward and bring out the best in you. They are your companions and teachers. You will find peace in her presence. It is the people who help you grow and make you a better version of yourself.

I assume that there has been a split between these two terms because “soul mate” describes this special connection with the many people who appear in your life and fill it with love, friendship, contentment and wisdom.

In contrast to the soulmate, you only have one twin flame, the lost part of yourself, the part with the help of which you can find your way back to the divine origin. The twin flame describes the separated and lost part of your soul.

The union of two twin flames is seen as a karmic, powerful force that even has the power to change the world. And that is also the highest goal of this reunification: to increase the consciousness of the planet, to split and release this powerful energy.

About the encounter between two twin flames

Everyone has it, but not everyone can find their second half. Then part of the reason is that people don't give in to their fate. They allow themselves to be blinded and held back in life by everything that is unimportant, that cannot help them return to their divine origin. They pursue the wrong goals, hang out with the wrong people and thus move away from themselves more and more.

And the more a person moves away from himself, the more he moves away from his destiny, his true task in life. In order to find the lost part of our soul and to reunite with it, we have to learn to listen to our intuition - to listen to the inner voice that guides us through the right path, into the arms of our mirror soul.

The paths may sometimes seem confusing and strange to us, but thanks to the deep cosmic connection that we feel with our soul mate, we can find each other again by really surrendering to our inner peace and joy.

When these people finally reunite, nothing is as it used to be for them. You can see that this connection prevails over everything else.

Signs that you have met your twin flame

There are signs by which you can tell if you have really met your twin flame and if it is not just a soul mate. However, not every twin flame will experience all of these points. Every encounter and relationship between two Twin Flames is unique and different from all others. The feelings are what you have to pay special attention to in this encounter, because they are completely different, a way that they do not occur in a normal encounter.


When you meet your twin flame, you will immediately have the feeling that you recognize yourself in her. You both feel as if you have met before and you are meant for each other. Dual souls may have met in many of their previous lives, whereby their first new encounter is even more intense and they literally get a glimpse into their past, which is thousands of years old.

Deep connection

You instantly feel a unique connection with this person that you have never shared with anyone. It's both beautiful and scary because it's stronger than anything you've come across before. You know that this feeling is mutual and it can never be broken. Knowing this, you are also immune to jealousy.

An inexplicable feeling

You feel that it will play a powerful role in your life, even if it is inexplicable to you why and in which way this should happen. You experience, so to speak, a glimpse of the past and the future at the same time.

The safe haven

After meeting your twin flame, you will feel as if you have finally returned home after a long journey. It will be your safe haven, the place you can always return to, no matter what.

She sees into your soul

When your twin soul is looking at you, you can no longer fool both of you. She sees into your core and you cannot disguise yourself against her. Rather, you have no reason to, because with her you feel liberated, alive and as yourself. It is a wonderful feeling when someone looks into your soul, understands it and does not want to turn away from it.

Perfect addition

Your energy and personality are like yin and yang, so different and yet complementary. You complement each other so perfectly because one is strong where the other shows weakness. Other people will always notice how well you fit together.

Personal growth

In a Twin Flame connection, you will feel yourself growing as a person and feeling the urge to become a better person, and in a positive way. This personal development happens pretty quickly and doesn't stop until you are where you should always be.


Through this encounter you feel completely freed from all chains that society has imposed on you. Your soul seems to be able to breathe for the first time.

You are yourself

Your twin flame is your counterpart, you are part of a whole, so that you have no desire or desire to change anything about the other person. This love is not tied to any conditions, if it does, it leads to an entertaining separation of the souls until they realize that they really only have to fight with their inner demons, the demons that they share together.
Common goal

Twin flames reuniting are a driving force in the universe. With this new strength they now want to change the world together and devote themselves to new and higher goals.

Magnetic attraction

Even at your first meeting you will feel how the energy fields in your body light up. From that moment on, as if by magic, you will find yourself at the same time in places from which you would not have expected the other to be there, regardless of the strokes of fate that lie ahead, what comes between you or how often you part, your attraction is so big that you keep coming back to each other.

Different maturities

One of the two twin flames is always more mature than the other and gets along better with this connection. The other is often too overwhelmed by the feelings and energy that it is difficult to stay in this union for long. The more mature soul will always chase after the other and try to bind them to itself.

Back and forth

Since these fluctuating feelings and unrest occur with a twin flame, it often runs away from its mirror soul. Their relationship can be compared to a yo-yo, they often break up, but their attraction continues to wear them back until they finally give up the fight.

End of the journey

You feel like you've been waiting for this person all your life. As soon as you stop fighting against the feelings and you allow your energies to merge, you will no longer wander around on earth. You will have arrived at the end of the journey and your destiny will be fulfilled.

Myths about the twin flame relationship

With the thought of twin flames or dual souls, we all certainly associate the fairy tales that tell of unconditional love, the determination that no one can separate this connection, that the couples are happy and satisfied for a lifetime. But we also know the great love between Romeo and Juliet, or Catherine and Heathcliff, which was not a lucky star and had a tragic end.

In fact, twin flames have to go through huge hurdles. What they have been feeling since they met is often much stronger than they can handle. That is why people who are fortunate enough to experience this do not unite until they are ripe, when their lives are orderly and wise and strong enough to surrender to their fate.

The pain of millions of years of separation weighs heavily on souls and it is difficult for them to suppress these accumulated feelings.

The union of twin flames is by no means about a carefree romantic get-together, where life is pink and the partners get along happily and without external tension. This association serves the higher purpose. Their union should send out the shining, ancient power into the universe and improve the world.

Quite different from soul mates who harmonize perfectly with each other and theirs
Gathering is characterized by ease and carefree. Because soulmates are very similar by nature and have the same mindset, which makes them easy to get along with.

What challenges do the twin flames face?

A twin flame love is the ultimate love. But you never get to the best things in life in the easiest way. The twin flames must first face many challenges, endure pain and suffering, until they happily unite.

When you meet your twin flame, you instantly evolve into the person you are meant to be. Your purpose in life is no longer to learn and gain experience that should help you grow. From this moment your inner being is reflected in your twin, you see through him into your core, you see all your flaws and imperfections, just as your other half does, and it instills both of you with fear that you can barely cope with .

Despite the deep, unconditional love that you feel for one another and that you thought you would never be able to love so infinitely, you struggle a lot with it.

A Twin flame love is unconventional. In normal love, it is common to settle down and have a family. With dual souls it can happen that they never get involved in a typical partnership. For this reason, one probably speaks of the twin flame. It literally feels like a flame that burns under your soles, cheers and encourages you, but also scares you when it gets too close.

A Twin flame love is problematic. It can often run into social contradictions.

A Twin flame love is intense. More intense than anything you've ever experienced and will ever experience. From the moment you meet your dual soul, nothing in your life will be the same as it was before.

A Twin flame love is limitless. You can be miles apart and never be in close proximity for long, but you can feel the presence of the other with every breath. No matter what the other feels, you feel it too. Twin flames report that they often meet in dreams and have visions of each other.

The goal of the union of two twin flames

You have to understand that the encounter with your second half is not linked to a romance, but to your purpose in life. It should help you to develop and to fulfill your life's work.

It should also teach you to fully accept and love your own soul, with all your flaws, as well as those of your twin. Because that is what true unconditional love is all about. This love is free from all constraints and obligations.

Ultimately, when you and your Twin Flame have cleared all blockages and negativity, you can enjoy eternal, blissful love. You will experience true love that goes far beyond this material world. The love that surpasses the human imagination.

Not everyone is ready, not everyone wants to take this path. But the brave hearts that do it bear the greatest price.