Sexual predators should be tortured

Because of human rights violations: First resignations in protest at the WWF

Because of human rights violations: First resignations in protest at the WWF

The animal welfare foundation WWF is said to have hired unscrupulous rangers in Asia and Africa. The revelations have already led to resignations in Switzerland. Donors like Migros or Coop want to stick to the collaboration.

Sexual violence, torture, murder - many of the 270,000 Swiss donors from WWF fared this week in a similar way to Regula Bachmann-Steiner, Section President of WWF Aargau. She couldn't believe her eyes as she read the headlines about her organization. In countries like the Congo, Cameroon or Nepal, game rangers paid by the WWF are said to have tortured and murdered and trampled on human rights in their fight against poaching.

The WWF cantonal sections between Basel and St. Gallen are covered. Bachmann-Steiner from the Aargau Section is one of the few Section Presidents who would like to speak out. “The WWF absolutely has to get to the bottom of the matter. That really upsets us in the sections, and I really want to know what exactly was going on, ”she says when asked. On Wednesday, she wrote an email to WWF headquarters in Zurich.

Members are concerned

Such reports to the headquarters were also received from other sections. And tomorrow, Saturday, human rights violations will be a topic at the WWF Presidents' Conference in Bern, at which all 23 Swiss sections will be represented. The WWF Switzerland CEO Thomas Vellacott will inform there about the allegations and the processing. WWF Switzerland wrote that in an email to the regional presidents, says Jörg Häfliger, President of the WWF Lucerne section. The cantonal sections fear for the good reputation of their organization. This is dependent on donations. Last year it was just under 40 million francs in Switzerland.

The annoyance of the members is already noticeable, even if only sporadically. “Today we had 13 withdrawals that we see in the context of the 'buzzfeed' article,” WWF Switzerland wrote yesterday evening on request. The online medium "Buzzfeed" published the extensive research together with partners.

Other members, according to WWF Switzerland, are concerned about the reputation of the WWF. "You are asking us to deal with the allegations quickly and properly." That is what the WWF promised.

Not only the members in the sections expect a thorough review, but also important financial backers from the economy. WWF Switzerland receives up to six million francs a year from Migros and Coop alone. Both hold on to the partnership with the WWF. Other well-known donors to the WWF are Emmi, Ikea, Lidl and Swisscom. None of the total of eleven company partners want to end the partnership at this point in time.