Why do I laugh at everything

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Who laughs when, what and why? The psychiatrist Barbara Wild is looking for answers.

I laugh, but not at everything. The others do, they also have a primitive sense of humor. This is what a self-reflection in terms of humor could look like. Dealing with human laughter is at least as old as humanity itself.

"You need the background, you need understanding. There are even people who claim that humor developed so that we can deal with all the contradictions, with the complexity."
Barbara Wild, psychiatrist at the University of Tübingen

One thing is clear: we don't all have the same sense of humor. Nevertheless, the question remains: why is that actually the case? We ask someone who should know: Barbara Wild: The psychiatrist teaches at the University of Tübingen and tries to understand when we find something funny and why. This is called humor research. An important point: Humor has something to do with upbringing and education. He also helps us to cope with the complex world.

"When we find something funny, an amazing number of areas of the brain are activated."
Barbara Wild, psychiatrist at the University of Tübingen

It is still controversial whether there is also a genetic component in humor, says Barbara Wild. But it is clear that humor keeps our brain busy. The psychiatrist has also found that particularly intelligent people like nonsense jokes and that men like sexual humor.