What's the best bar in Pittsburgh

The 10 best bars in Oakland, Pittsburgh

Home of Carnegie Melon University and the University of Pittsburgh, Oakland is the educational center of Pittsburgh. College city is full of students and professors. For those needing to teach a class or take a test, the Oakland area can be quite stressful. Where do you go to relax and unwind? Read our list to discover the best bars in Oakland, Pittsburgh.

Outside the Garage Door Saloon | © HoboJones / WikiCommons

Garage Door Saloon

Garage Door Saloon (known as GDoor by locals) is the classic bar, you can smoke inside, they have three dartboards and two pool tables, the wall sports a guest-operated jukebox so you can choose the music, and they even have a window into the pizzeria next door so you can take a slice with your beer. The bartenders are friendly and happy to make a trash can for you at any time (you have to get one yourself to find out what's in it), and things can get pretty busy late at night, but be sure to be over for karaoke on Tuesdays listen to students Beyonce and Kesha.

Address and phone: 223 Atwood St. Pittsburgh, PA, USA 15213 , +1 412 621 4842

Cocktail at Legume | © Edsel Little / Flickr


In the family-run Bistro Legume you will find the Butterjoint, a full-service bar with its own small plate and late-night menus. Visitors can enjoy an ice cold draft beer, premium wine, or a handcrafted cocktail. For lower prices, visit during happy hour, offered from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm every day during the work week. However, if you really want to get your money's worth, take a course at Butterjoint's free school. Learn more about fermenting sauerkraut to wine. Butterjoint also hosts other special events, such as Date Night, which offers a set three-course menu, or community events with live entertainment. Finally, be sure to try one of the typical burgers that range from average to extravagant. Cover the grass-fed beef with an array of cheeses, vegetables, condiments, and more. Butterjoint Burger Burger and beer are exactly what you need.

Address and phone: 214 N. Craig St. Pittsburgh, PA, USA , +1 412 621 2700

Tempered windows from Hemingway Café © sabreguy29 / Flickr

Hemingway's Café

This award-winning bar is a local watering hole and hangout for co-eds in Oakland. Chat with friends at a table, partake in one of the many craft breed ales, and discuss this crazy talk you attended last week. Or relax after a crazy study session by dancing the night away; A DJ spins on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. For a more relaxed atmosphere, visit the acoustic open mic night on Wednesday or win prizes in Pub Trivia on Tuesday. Since students rarely have money, the food and drinks are cheap but delicious. Although primarily a college bar, Hemingway welcomes everyone and is a perfect place for a casual getaway.

Address and phone: 3911 Forbes Ave. Oakland, PA, USA , +1 412 621 4100

Karaoke mic | © Derek Gavey / Flickr

KBOX entertainment

If you're looking for a place to heal, Oaklands KBOX is the place for you. This deluxe karaoke game features over 1,500 songs to sing about. Participants can pay per person or receive a group rate. For those who need a little fluid courage to play on stage, there are beers and cocktails, there is also wine and champagne bottle service if you want to pretend you're a star for the night. Since you have to be busy while cheering your friends on, take a look at their evening menu. Enjoy a biting American bite like hot dogs and nachos, or stock up on tasty Chinese cuisine like fried curry rice and dumplings. This is a great place for a private event, and they even have a membership for discounted rates.

Address and phone number: 214 S. Craig St. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA , +1 412 621 2860

Iron City Beer | © William F. Yurasko / Flickr

Gene's place

Gene's place is more than a dive bar, it's an authentic hideaway. The small room creates a cozy atmosphere in which you can chat with the friendly bartenders or charming regulars. The bar serves inexpensive drinks and tasty, casual pub fare. They even serve Iron City beer for a dollar. Sit in a booth with friends, play a game of darts with colleagues, or play a classic tune on the jukebox. Gene is such an Oakland secret that it's one of the few bars in the area that isn't constantly raving about college kids. If you're older but want to visit a down to earth place, give Gene's a try. You will not regret it.

Address and phone: 3616 Louisa St. Pittsburgh, PA, USA , +1 412 682 2158

Peter's Pub | © sabreguy29 / Flickr

Peter's Pub

They know that when a place feels like home, you've found something special; That's what the regulars at Peter know. This welcoming pub offers a variety of specialties every day, from drinks to food. There is an abundance of domestic, imported, and draft beers, in addition to delicious foods like wings, po boy sandwiches, burgers, cheese steaks, and more. Peter's also hosts and hosts private parties in their dining room and upstairs bar, so if you are cramming for a test and can't leave the library, order some snacks for yourself and all of your college friends. Keep an eye out for some of their special vacation events.

Address and phone: 116 Oakland Ave. Pittsburgh, PA, USA , +1 412 681 7465

Drinks at the bar | © Jason Doctor / Flickr

Uncle Jimmy's

Jimmy's is teeming with regulars who refer to the bar as a home from home. The neighborhood bar is dark and dehydrated, smells like smoke, and has a diverse clientele ranging from 20-year-old college students to 60-year-old retirees. If talking to the cool bartenders isn't enough to keep you busy, there are a couple of pool tables in the back, video games at the bar, a dart board, and a retro jukebox that plays both classic and modern hits. Although there are weekly drinks and grub specials during the week, the really special weekly event is the live music. Performances range from genre to rock; There are also open mic nights on Tuesdays if you're brave enough to make your own music.

Address and phone: 418 Semple St. Pittsburgh, PA, USA , +1 412 681 7480

Fuel and Fuddle | © Sage Ross / Flickr

Fuel and Fuddle

Fuel and Fuddle is an Oakland gastropub and hungry college hotspot. Stock up on tasty dishes like sweet potato fries, mashed pizza with french fries, fire wings and burgers with beef and brisket. Wash it all down with one of the 10 beers on tap or choose from 100 bottled beers. If you still have space, there's a S'mores pizza with ice cream for dessert. The environment is comfortable and casual so sit back and let go of your worries. Stop by for happy hour with your colleagues and sip a handmade cocktail or meet up with friends and grab something from the exclusive late night menu, where everything is half served.

Address and phone: 212 Oakland Ave. Pittsburgh, PA, USA , +1 412 682 3473

Gooskis | © Matt Niemi / Flickr


Gooskis really is a diamond in the rough. Although the place has a retro hipster feel to it, the people who visit are down to earth and love a good dive bar. The bartenders are very personable and friendly and serve cheap beer and delicious food. Try the pierogi and hot wings, they are the local favorites. Gooskis has great happy hour prizes, the occasional live music, pool tables and darts, and a killer jukebox filled with punk rock classics. If you like funky art, the bathrooms and play area are covered in great graffiti. Please note that smoking is allowed indoors and that the bar is cash only.

Address and phone number: 3117 Brereton St. Pittsburgh, PA, USA , +1 412 681 1658

Classic jukebox | © Alain Bachellier / Flickr

Le Mardi Gras

Le Mardi Gras knows how to set the mood. Founded in 1954, it doesn't seem like the bar has changed much, it exudes old-school class and is something out of an old black and white movie. Simple and cute, the bar is tucked away and only has so many stools at the bar for guests but definitely worth a visit. They have 20 unique cocktails, many of which are freshly squeezed with the freshest fruits in season. There are over 20 beers on tap and over 10 bottle brands available. Sip on a Dark and Stormy in one of their intimate cubicles while listening to classic hits on the jukebox. If you are looking for a cozy place with a cozy atmosphere, Le Mardi Gras is the right address.

Address and phone number: 731 Copeland St. Pittsburgh, PA, USA , +1 412 683 0912

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