Where's Blend in Gimp

I made up this tutorial myself - any resemblance to other tutorials is purely coincidental and not intended

You should have previous knowledge of how to use the program

written with GIMP 2.8 on November 15, 2012

find a kit that you want to use
i take my own kit "sunset"
You can use your own kit or choose one from our resources

open a paper in the GIMP

get the photo
by simply dragging it from your folder into the picture

move the photo to the center of the layout

if necessary, make it smaller
(you can then adjust the exact size correctly later)
but don't cut off an edge -
the more edge there is around the actual picture,
the easier it is

save it for yourself now,
then you can continue from here faster,
if you don't like the blend right away

now take the lasso or another selection tool and make a selection
about what you want to see in the picture
note that this selection will be enlarged a bit by hiding it

now click in the layer manager with the right mouse button on the photo
-> Add layer mask
then you choose: black - full transparency
(Help - now the photo is deleted!?!?!?
that's right, it's not gone, just invisible * gg *)

now we are making our part visible again
by filling the selection with white

Selection -> nothing

now click next to your photo in the layer manager
on the black and white picture
(this is the layer mask)

choose -> Filter -> Gaussian Blur
I'll take 300 here, but you have to see how much you like your photo
if necessary, one step back with "Ctrl + Z" and select the filter again with another setting

now click on your background paper in the layer manager
now you can see more precisely how "cleanly blurred" its edges are

Here you can see quite well that I didn't have enough margin in my photo below
thus a "hard" edge can be seen
and at the top of the horse's ear I don't like the line from the roof either

if you also have to mend something,
go to step 13,
otherwise go straight to step 16


I now do the -> level -> on picture size first
I don't have the annoying frame and enough space

Foreground color is black
use a brush that is soft
(either a "Circle Fuzzy" or here in the GIMP 2.8 it is the "2. Hardness 025")
I always make it really big (500), because it is even softer

now click on the layer mask and paint on your picture in the places long,
that should still go
(You are now practically only changing the mask and not the actual image)
If more places should be visible again,
set your foreground color to white
and paint with it

now you could click on the layer mask
and -> apply layer mask
but I never do that so that I can change it all later
but now you can save again

now click in the layer manager on the photo (not on the mask)
and then in your lo on the blend
and slide it where you want it to go

now there are again different possibilities
how you can proceed
a: leave it like this and continue with step 24
b: make the blend even lighter so that it is even more "dazzled"
then continue with step 17 here

duplicate the layer and
make the lower one invisible as a "backup copy"

Now click on the upper level
on the layer mask
and -> apply layer mask

now it depends on your photo what you do
all you need to do is change the layer mode and opacity of the layer
if necessary, double the blend again and select another layer mode
if necessary, simply swap the order of the layers of the blend

if your paper now has a strong structure
and thus your blend is disturbed like on my screen with another paper

double the lowest Bled level

lock the alpha channel

and now fill this layer with a color from your paper
you can now try different ones until you like it ...
try to set the mode of the level to "value" if necessary

so, now the blend should be the way you like it

now we continue with the rest of the layout

do you want other photos?
Frame, fixings ???
some items from the kit ???

I'll get 3 more suitable photos
cut them all to size and make them the same size

I'll get another envelope and
still the paper clip to hold the photos together
and such a "string"

I put the paper clip in the right place and erase it,
what disappears under the photos
for this I take the selection from the alpha channel of the photo
set the view to be very large
highlight the paper clip and start erasing

now shadows come under the photos and elements
i take that

do you want to make a title now ???
or a journaling ???

come on...

I'm just doing a title like this:
I write my text in a thick font
take from this the selection from alpha channel
go to my paper
-> Edit -> copy
go to my text layer
-> Edit -> paste
and now anchor:

oops ... text away, never mind, it'll be back soon ...

so then a shadow like already with the elements ...
already see some text again
now -> filter -> decoration -> bevel edge
Repeat 2 or 3 times if necessary
so that something 3D comes in

do you like it that much ???

write the credits in a new layer
in my case here:
"Kit Sunset by Supersuzi"
possibly by whom the photos are from and a "design by Supersuzi"
if you like you can also give the link to my tutorial

Save your Lo as xcf to keep
and as a jpg in the right size to show in the forum ...

Have fun reworking!

and a few more layouts with blends
in the most diverse variations from me:

lowest level: mode = value - opacity = 100%
middle layer: mode = darken only - opacity = 100%
top level: mode = soft edges - opacity = 100%

upper layer - mode = value - opacity to 40%
lower layer - mode = mix fibers - opacity to 60%

only one layer - mode normal - opacity 40%

Multiplication and 45% opacity

only 1 layer - mix faster and the opacity to 60%

Blend are 2 levels - below - mode on value - opacity 100%
above - multiply mode - opacity to 50%

here I colored the photo in the blue of the background

only took the opacity down to 50%

upper level on value and 45%
lower layer first desaturated then mode to hue & opacity 100

upper level: mode = hard edges - opacity to 55%
lower level: mode = value - opacity 50%