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Romance novels that you have to read

Will they get each other, won't they get each other? Does he recognize in time the feelings that lie dormant in him? Will she leave her past behind and make a fresh start with Mr. Right? Romance novels simply carry us away. We cheer for the characters, fear about their future together and shed one or two tears out of compassion. We are just as enthusiastic about tragic fates as lively, light stories in which Cupid fires his arrows at the wrong people. But which love stories are actually worth reading? This list provides you with answers to this question! Your favorite is not there? Then add it below and vote for the greatest must-read romantic books. We have also put together a few tips for you.

Our tips for the most beautiful romance novels

  1. Joel Haahtela

    Longing for Elena

    First publication: 02/01/2009
    Current edition: 05/11/2010
    He knows everything and yet nothing about her and his longing is as endless as the ocean. The nameless protagonist in Joel Haahtela's novel meets Elena in a park and is fascinated by her. In his thoughts she accompanies him through the day, in his dreams she is the nocturnal constant. He embarks on a journey, not only to the missing Elena, but also into his own past. "Longing for Elena" is a story told in soft tones that enchants with philosophy and feeling.