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About Armin Mueller-Stahl

"Whoever only works, withdraws from the adventure of life."
Armin Mueller-Stahl

Armin Mueller-Stahl is considered an artist with versatile multiple talents: world-famous actor, writer, painter and draftsman. He can look back on a unique career as an actor and is one of the few visual artists who can refer to an Oscar nomination on his résumé. With films that received great acclaim in both Germany and Hollywood, roseArmin Mueller-Stahl in the top league of German and international film.Armin Mueller-Stahl's works were awarded the German Actor Award 2016, the Golden Camera in 2011 and an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor in 1997, to name just a few from a long list.

Has occurred since 2001Armin Mueller-Stahl more and more in appearance as a painter and draftsman. With his unique creativity he gives his works / pictures a diverse expression. His motifs are mostly people, partly real, partly invented by him, which he shows as the results of the daily struggle for survival. In art, he can unrestrainedly live out his talent for storytelling. He's a producer, director, cameraman and actor rolled into one. His works, sometimes dark and sometimes simple, invite you to reflect and linger.

Especially the portraits ofArmin Mueller-Stahl are expressive images of people. The motifs are often well-known personalities such as Udo Lindenberg, Che Guevara or John Lennon. Each ofArmin Mueller-Stahl's works tells its very own story. With partly expressive brushstrokes, reduced to essential features and abstracted, he gives the respective character a pictorial existence. His picture titles are often lyrical or cinematic quotations. In addition to his extraordinary painting style,Armin Mueller-Stahl with his works of art/ Images using various printing techniques such as lithographs, color etchings, screen prints and giclee prints.

Drifting in landscape paintingArmin Mueller-Stahl the abstraction even further. He concentrates on constellations of light and colors, which he interprets in a very virtuoso way. This shows the trained eye of the meticulous observer, who has met his environment for decades with curiosity and a fundamental advance in sympathy. In its versatility it denies itselfArmin Mueller-Stahl's Oeuvre of a clear art-historical categorization. In keeping with his playful and experimental character, he has created works in the most varied of techniques, lithographs, color etchings, screen prints and giclées, especially in the graphic field. Nevertheless, he managed to cultivate an unmistakable style and an artistic signature.

Armin Mueller-Stahl's works of art are known worldwide. In more than a dozen exhibitions, couldArmin Mueller-Stahl's works of art to be admired and admired. We offer you a varied selection of simple drawings and colorful works of art / pictures by Armin Mueller-Stahl. Any questions? Call us and we will answer all questions about the works ofArmin Mueller-Stahl.