How is it that Thanos was worthy

Avengers 4: Endgame clarifies the big question about Thor's hammer Mjölnir

In one of the most spectacular Avengers 4 scenes, Captain America creates something that many thought was impossible. We explain what's behind the hammer twist.

Warning, spoilers for Avengers 4: Avengers 4: Endgame triggers intense reactions from his audience, he makes his audience laugh, hope and mourn. A certain scene even caused exuberant cheers in most of the cinemas. It happened in the possibly most epic fight scene in the film.

Thor gets his hammer back in Avengers 4

What you need to know before we dive into the fattest Avengers 4 moment: Right, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) lost his hammer in Thor 3 to Hela, who crumbled the good piece so nothing to me, nothing to you. Thor gets his hammer back in Avengers 4 when he travels to 2013, to the events of Thor 2: The Dark Kingdom. So it doesn't keep it forever, the hammer has to be placed back in its ancestral timeline so as not to change the course of events there.

Now back to the spectacular hammer events in Avengers 4

In the final Duel with Thanos if it is pointed at the button, the exit is completely open. The villain is superior to his numerous opponents, especially Thor, Iron Man and Captain America challenge him with everything they have.

  • Thor fights with two weapons: his new Stormbreaker, made in Infinity War, and with the good old Mjölnir, his divine hammer, which we have known since Thor 1 from 2011.
  • Captain America fights with his bare Stevie fists and protects himself with his shield, which Thanos demolishes with his sword. So at some point Cap (Chris Evans) is pretty naked, and that in a confrontation with the most dangerous opponent in the universe.
  • Then comes the twist in the game: Thor's hammer lies abandoned on the battlefield for a moment - and Captain America seizes it: the moment when all dams break in the cinema.

Why can Captain America hold Thor's hammer?

Because that's a really big deal. Thor derives a large part of his confidence (and self-esteem) from the fact that he alone can lift, hold and swing the Mjölnir. This peculiarity instilled Thor's strict father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) into the hammer in Thor 1. After Thor commits a stupid thing, only those who prove to be worthy of him should be allowed to hold the hammer. In addition, Thor's powers are transferred to the person who wears the hammer.

The laws of the Thor hammer

The laws of the hammer are written into the Thor comicsThey adopted the films more or less unchanged.

  • Selfish and selfish people (as Thor was in Thor 1) Mjolnir cannot move a millimeter.
  • Those people who are ready to prove themselves to be worthy to sacrifice for other peoplehow about Screen Rant knows.
  • So lifting Mjölnir is no show of strength. Rather, it's a matter of moral and character aptitude.

How Avengers: Age of Ultron suggested the big hammer twist

Are therefore worthy of the hammer all Avengers in Endgame. They could lift it if they tried. Black Widow, Cap, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk are all ready to sacrifice their lives for the people atomized by Thanos. Some keep their promise."Whatever it costs" is the unifying mantra of the heroes.

The fact that Steve Rogers can fight Thanos with the hammer therefore points to a character change that all Avengers have undergone in the course of the films since Avengers: Age of Ultron. They have become better, more selfless people.

Because in Age of Ultron almost all heroes (Natasha Romanoff abstains from the game) complete one of the most carefree Avengers sequences Hammer test. None exist. Only Steve Rogers, with the greatest effort, can elicit a barely noticeable tremor from the Mjölnir - to the greatest horror of Thor.

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No wonder: Steve is the only one who has the required character attributes always have been true. He is named after them by Dr. Abraham Erskine selected for Project: Rebirth, which made him a super hero in Captain America - The First Avenger. The hero has always slumbered in him. You may remember the scene in which he daringly throws himself at a dud grenade.

Why Steve just let Mjölnir tremble in Ultron is not easy to answer. Perhaps he spared his friend Thor, whom he didn't want to snub off too much. Or he simply lacked the last necessary percentage of spiritual purity. Or he didn't trust his own courage. In Endgame, at least, he passed the hammer test with flying colors and ensured one of the best moments in the film.

How did you like the scene - do you have other explanations?