Which personality types work best together

ENFJ personality type

ENFJ: Extrovert - Intuitive - Feeler - Judge

  • Extroverts (= E.xtraverts) are sociable, energetic and action-oriented. You are enthusiastic and expressive.
  • Intuitive (= iNtuitives) pay more attention to imaginative and original information. Intuitive ones focus on the future.
  • Feeler (= F.eelers) let their feelings and emotions play a leading role because they care about other people.
  • Appraiser (= Judgers) prefer a steady, planned and orderly life that they organize themselves and over which they can exercise control.

An ENFJ at a glance

Realizing dreams, your own and those of others, is what the life of an ENFJ is about. You are open-minded, enthusiastic, articulate, empathetic, determined and, above all, fun-loving! ENFJs are productive and organized people who are very energetic. They are usually very good at anything that stimulates the imagination and interest.

Because their confidence and enthusiasm are contagious, people enjoy being around an ENFJ. They love their no-nonsense approach, directness, and drive to get things done. ENFJs have the ability to juggle multiple thoughts and projects at the same time. They get a kick from their current performance and are enthusiastic about the possibilities of the future.

Your likely contributions to an organization

Each personality type has a different set of skills, talents, and traits that they bring to an organization, group, or relationship. Here is a list of those most commonly associated with personality types like ENFJ.

  • Brings energy, warmth, enthusiasm, fun and cooperation into the tasks.
  • Addiction to fairness and ethics.
  • Shines under recognition - the greater the appreciation, the greater the commitment to an organization.

In a team

Some people work well in teams, others work best alone. Knowing about the personality types of team members reveals how individuals do their jobs and interact with one another. Given an ENFJ's personality preferences, these are the strengths (and possible weaknesses!) They are most likely to bring to a team:

  • Is a natural guide and mediator.
  • Brings structure and organization as well as humor and sensitivity to the group.
  • Develops plans with the value or ideal of the project in mind, then provides the energy necessary to complete it.

Young personality types

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