Are there natural hot springs in Georgia?

7 Georgia Hot Springs You Must Visit

Georgia offers a diverse natural landscape with snow-capped peaks, glaciers and numerous lakes, rivers and mountains in which mineral water springs flow from the ground. These mineral waters have valuable therapeutic properties for treating a wide range of ailments and offer a relaxing experience. Would you like to visit? Then visit the best hot springs in Georgia.

Tbilisi sulfur baths and balneological resort

Tbilisi is not only the capital but also a health resort. There are only two cities of this type in Europe - Budapest and Tbilisi. The Georgian capital sees unique thermal water with high sulfur content from the soil, with hot sulfur water outlets on the periphery of Abanotubani and Ortachala districts.

The history of the Tbilisi Foundation, as well as its name, is related to these springs. In the past, these sulfur baths were known throughout the Middle East region and appeared in the writings of famous travelers of the 17th and 18th centuries such as Jean Chardin, the botanist Joseph Turnefor, and the Russian poet Aleksandr Pushkin

9 Vakhtang Gorgasali St, Tbilisi, Georgia, +995 322 82 25 51

Sulfur bath in Abanotubani | Baia Dzagnidze / © Culture trip

Samtredia Resort

Samtredia, located in the Imereti region, about 30 kilometers from Kutaisi, was the main transport hub in western Georgia and one of the most important points in Europe. Asia Transit Passway. Geologists searching for oil deposits accidentally found hyperthermal water here when they encountered a warm sulfuric water source at a depth of 1,450 meters (4,757 feet) during a drilling process. Shortly after analyzing the water, the government decided to build a resort which opened in 1970.

Samtredia, Georgia

Tskaltubo Resort

One of Georgia's most popular health resorts, Tskaltibo, is 15 kilometers away. away from Kutaisi. Although summer time is the busiest, the natural healing factors can provide adequate service year round - the spa town's healing springs are naturally home to warm (33-35 ° C (91-95 ° F)) transparent odorless water. Treatments here are complex: patients can be prescribed mineral water baths, treatment programs, traditional healing and underwater (hydro) massage and physiotherapy among other procedures. Famous faces visited include Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser and Joseph Stalin.

23, Rustaveli Street, Tskaltubo, Georgia, +995 599 09 16 10

Tskaltubo, Georgia © Claudine Doury /

Sairme Balneological Resort

This resort is not only rich in therapeutic mineral water springs, but also surrounded by coniferous and deciduous forests. According to legend, Sairme was discovered by hunters hunting a wounded deer - the name Sairme in Georgian means "deer place". The story tells shepherds that the area preferred by deer was also where the grass was always green, the snow melted very quickly, and the ground dried quickly after heavy rains. Further research was carried out and the cause of this "miracle" was discovered as thermal, nitrogen-methane, slightly sulfuric mineral water that was discovered in the 1920s.

Kutaisi-Baghdati-Abastumani-Benara, Sairme, Georgia, +995 322 14 48 84

Sairme Resort | © Gaga.vaa / WikiCommons

Torgva baths

The Torgva Bath is a unique place with 13 mineral waters located near the Abano Pass on the road to Tusheti. The name comes from the famous hero Torgva, who found warm water while fighting the enemy in the spring. He drank it, bathed in it, and was healed. To protect the area, he built a fortress at the beginning of the Stori River and used the water to heal his followers.

Abano Pass, Georgia

Sulori Spa Resort

Located in Vani Municipality, 11 kilometers from Vani City, the resort takes its name from the Sulori River. During the Soviet era, Sulori was a popular visitor spot, hosting hundreds of visitors each season. Today the hotel is still going strong, with 32 individual bathrooms. People usually come here to treat musculoskeletal, peripheral nervous and metabolic disorders.

Vani, Georgia

Tsaishi Resort

Tsaishi, located 15 kilometers from Zugdidi. The Samegrelo region is famous for the therapeutic properties of its hyperthermic mineral waters. Its 18 mineral springs have been examined and show the hypothermal mineral water (24-26 ° C C) (75-79F)) to have a unique content, including large amounts of silicon acid used to address the metabolic process and improve the condition of bones, cartilage and skin tissues.

Zugdidi, Georgia

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