Do facial exercises to remove wrinkles

Recognized facial exercises from wrinkles. Best gymnastics of wrinkles on the face and neck

Every woman wants to extend the time of her youth. To hide the age, many do not regret spending money on expensive creams and subcutaneous injections. Consult major plastic surgery changes. All of these methods require significant financial outlays, with a poor quality product or unprofessional job, doctors can turn into bad effects on the skin. However, there is absolutely free, but no less effective, the method of prolonging youth is the most effective gymnastics for face. It has no side effects, which means we can apply it to everyone.

Indications and contraindications.

With age, the first signs of aging increase: flat wrinkles, manifestation of the nasolabial folds, reducing the skin tone of the skin that Chief is looking for. They arise as a result of the fact that muscle mass begins to weaken and lose elasticity. Regular training will help look 10 years younger to look at for free and without harm to health, tighten your cheeks and skin on your neck, make a clear outline and smooth wrinkles.

After 7 days of regular classes, a positive result turns into a noticeable unarmed look. The skin acquires a healthy color, smooths and becomes elastic.

The procedure is contraindicated in hypertension, facial nerve disease, after botox injections or plastic surgery in the past 2 years.

Wrong actions will not allow you to achieve the desired results and stretch the skin. Therefore, you need to adhere to certain rules that will help avoid mistakes and take advantage of the lifting of howl:

  • Before classes, it is necessary to remove decorative cosmetics, wash and wash your hands.
  • For good blood circulation, you need to maintain a smooth posture.
  • During the procedure, only the muscles on which the impact occurs, while others remain in a relaxed state.
  • For the first time, the technique takes place in front of the mirror in order to control the correctness of the effect.
  • The number of repeated actions and their complexity gradually increases.
  • At the end of the exercises, the exposure area is rinsed with cold water and the nutrient cream is applied.
  • Classes should be held regularly for 10-15 minutes each day.

Exercises at home

Facial training for skin braces are available for self-execution. The main thing during classes to adhere to the correct position of the fingers and carry out actions precisely under the guidance. Gymnastics for facial rejuvenation and other zones are designed for all facial muscles:

  • Strengthen lip muscles. Maximize the lips, folded in the shape of a ring, and open your mouth. Actions are performed slowly and only with 2 repetitions on the first day. Every day the procedure increases by 1 time.
  • Against wrinkles around the eyes. Close your eyes and turn them in a circle to different sides 10 times. Without lifting the eyelids, the joy and sadness of 5-7 repetitions are depicted in the lips.
  • For collecting chin. Put your lower lip against your teeth and gradually pull it into your mouth, causing your chin to stick forward. At the same time, the jaw moves in the left and right sides. Perform five times, increasing the number of repetitions each day.
  • For smoothing wrinkles on the forehead. Close your pins completely and push them in. Close your eyes and rotate them in a circle five times.
  • For the contour. Inflate the cheeks for 5 seconds, then slowly start to breathe. Repeat training ten times.
  • To rejuvenate the face and neck. Throw your head back, relax your neck muscles, and open your mouth wide. Then slowly cover the jaw with the help of the chin until the lower lip covers the upper lid. Repeat 5 times again.

Yoga for the rejuvenation of the face and neck

There is a technique that combines the classic gymnastics for the rejuvenation of the face and the elements of traditional yoga. The well-known founders are the analysis of Hiegen and Marie Verona Nadier. They experienced and describe in detail the entire method of skin braces in their books, which made them famous. Such recommendations can focus on practicing yoga at home. The difference from ordinary gymnastics is a mental focus and emotional calm while all actions are performed.

The procedure begins with the neck and lower jaw, then the zone moves up and ends on the head. The second part of the methodology focuses on developing and relaxing the muscles of the whole body. The last part of yoga is meditation.

Among the main yoga classes, the most popular are:

  • Yoga for the cheeks is to press the lips and teeth in the exhalation and relax them on the breath.
  • Air Kiss - Draw your lips out.
  • False wink - tension of the cheeks, as if he is only blinking with one eye open.

To improve the rejuvenating effect, you can use the tool and techniques. Dry skin is greater than the appearance of small wrinkles, it is more subtle and sensitive, therefore it can be damaged with intense effects. Special creams and oils become moisturizing. The clamp muscle does not respond to the impact, does not receive nutrients and gradually atrophy. Intensive zones must necessarily relax with massage. Popular methods that provide intense blood flow include qigong,

Many women crossed a 25-year-old frontier face with the appearance of the first facial wrinkles. Prevent the deepening of existing wrinkles and the formation of new ones, special gymnastics for face of wrinkles will help. Unfortunately it is useless for too deep wrinkles that are a result of irreversible older changes. It is therefore very important to start the classes immediately after detecting small defects.

Contrary to the problem of the fact that the youth of the person is prolonged by minimizing the facial expressions, special gymnastics for face against wrinkles to get rid of age-related grooves. Its effectiveness is due to the principle of muscle fibers - the more active to load them, the more flexible, elastic and elastic they become. Of course, all actions with the mind are required, then the result will be optimal.

When doing exercises for face from wrinkles regularly, changes are noticeable after the first month. The skin becomes fresher, brighter from the inside, deep wrinkles are smoothed, and the small one disappears completely.

In addition, gymnastics perfectly tones and raises a good mood, beautiful and young, even for self-awareness.

Charging regulations

Gymnastics for the face from wrinkles at home will only be effective if they are followed by some rules. You can get results by doing exercises every day, better twice a day. A session should last at least 10 and no more than 20 minutes, the time for this must be chosen at your own discretion. But the most favorable time is considered to be in the evening, immediately before the deviation to sleep, when the body is in a relaxed state, and the skin is not loaded with decorative cosmetics.

First of all, the loading for the face from wrinkles is done in front of the mirror, so the process is under control. In the future, when the muscles of the face remember the sequence of motion of movement, from attachment to the mirror, you can refuse.

Preparation for the procedure

The preparatory stage includes the following recommendations:

  1. Exercises for the face from wrinkles can not be done without first cleaning the skin of the face and neck from dirt and cosmetics.
  2. Before starting to load the muscles, you need to warm up. To do this, the skin of the face and neck after applying a moisturizing cream is lightly tapping the movements with your fingers.
  3. Long hair is better to gather in the tail or remove the bandage so that it does not disturb the face while doing the exercises.
  4. Before starting the exercise for the muscles of the face against wrinkles, it is necessary to relax, do not think about problems, do not frown. You can include your favorite music and do whatever it takes to configure a positive path. However, if the mood cannot be lifted, and unpleasant thoughts climb, it is better to transfer the gymnastics to another time.

Set of exercises from wrinkles on the forehead

Before we start the gymnastics, we do a little training of the face and neck. Touch the entire surface of the skin with light movements, after which we massage the scalp, which accelerates blood circulation.

  1. Exercise is done in 10 approaches. Source position (IP) - fingers of both hands on forehead over eyebrows. Lightly pressing, lower the skin, towards the eyes. At the same time, with effort, raise your eyebrows to tense muscles. Fix the position of the face for five seconds, relax.
  2. Now lift the skin on top of the hair, and the eyebrows will be lowered. Do not forget to strain the muscles of the face and neck. We're delaying for five seconds, let go.
  3. We put your fingers on the forehead at the limit of hair growth. With the effort we press your fingers, lower closed eyes (my head does not move). In this position, we perform gymnastics, making rotating movements with the eyes 10 times in each direction.

Exercises of wrinkles between the eyebrows

The area between the eyebrows often suffers from the habit of frowning or squinting. This leads to the appearance of ugly cross wrinkles that result in the face of Sullen, who indicates the problems.

  1. Mid fingers of both hands are at the starting point of the eyebrows, index - strictly above them. We strain the muscles, the frown. At the same time, you keep the skin from forming heavy wrinkles. I'll fix the position, we look at five and let go.
  2. Phalanges of index fingers under raised eyebrows. We close your eyes and compress the eyelid movements for 5-10 times. This gymnastics helps to remove the disease of the skin in the face of the face under the eyebrows.

Set of exercises from wrinkles around the eyes

Gymnastics from wrinkles under the eyes and in the eyes around the eyes, it is necessary to perform extreme caution. The more tender and thinner the epidermis, the greater the risk of damage from too intense movements.

Complex of "Goose Paws"

  1. Pads of index fingers on the outer corners of the eye, medium-sized - on the inner. Widely used eyes, high increase in eyebrow muscles.
  2. Relax the muscles of the face and make movement through the eye upward, upward, to the right - left, diagonally. We try not to involve the muscles of the forehead.
  3. Following the principle of the previous exercise, we make movement through our eyes and draw the conditional eight in the other way.

Gymnastics for the workout of the century

  1. Pads of index fingers on the outer corners of the eye, medium-sized - on the inner. We look up, high eyebrows and tighten the lower eyelid.
  2. Eyes closed. We begin to open the eyelids discovered. The face in the area of ​​the eyebrows and forehead does not move. Only muscles of the eyelids take part in gymnastics.

Training of wrinkles on the cheeks and cheeks

The cheeks are obviously at risk of premature wrinkles because their muscles are in a relaxed state due to the features of the structure of the face. Simple exercises need to be done for skin tones and flexibility with muscle fibers.

To restore the contour jokes

Open your mouth. Tighten your lips with the tension of the muscles and the skin of the eyes. Ideally, the mouth should be oval in shape. We put the index fingers under the eyes on the face. Smile, try to slide your fingers with your facial muscles. Fix five seconds. Relax.

For elasticity sugar.

  1. Maximize cheeks. Push them on them with palms, without any resistance to the muscles of the face in the cheek area. We delay the position for five seconds.
  2. To prevent the skin charms, the following exercise will help. With effort inflation cheeks. We begin to move the air to the mouth, tensing the muscles of the face.

Complex of exercises from wrinkles around the mouth

The wrinkles around the lips are able to point to a woman's true age, which prevents the youth from visually lengthening. In order for the nasolabial folds not to spoil the mood with their appearance, they must be eliminated as early as possible.

Gymnastics for smoothing nasolabial wrinkles

  1. The tips of the index fingers put on the nasolabial folds. Exertion, Davir on the skin. At this point, stretch tightly tighter lips that oppose your fingers. Perform five times.
  2. Without changing the starting position, we take 10 deep breaths with our nose and mouth.
  3. In the same initial posture with sharp movements, we open the mouth of the letter "O", engaging muscles. Freeze for five seconds at 10 reps.
  4. In conclusion, the gymnastics from wrinkles relax the muscles, caress the face with the tips of the fingers along the lines of massage.

Gymnastics for the tone of the face of the face

  1. We fold the lips with a tube. We start circular movements with the lips five times in one direction and the other. Relax.
  2. The starting position does not change. To complete the exercise, angle your lips five times in each direction.
  3. Open your mouth slightly. Pull your lips up while your index finger holds the skin of your chin in place. Begin slowly, with effort, to open and close your mouth.
  4. With an effort, you throw off your head. With the power of reaching the lower lips upwards. Relax, head down, falling on your chest. We repeat 10 times.
  5. Do not free yourself to move the lower jaw from side to side 10 times and fix the position for five seconds. Slowly, you also reveal the mouth that fixes the position.

Exercise of wrinkles on the chin

They are developed as a result of constant tension in the muscles. To relax them, it is necessary to do a massage on the problem area, paying special attention by paying lips.

To strengthen muscle fibers, the chin will help with the following exercise. We open our mouths and lips forming the letter "O". Slowly pull the lips inside, in the end the lips as tighter as possible. We put an index finger on the chin and gradually begin to open and close the mouth. At the same time, the muscles overcome the resistance of holding the fingers.

Gymnastics from wrinkles on the neck

Balance ring wrinkles are easily adjusted with a set of exercises for the neck of wrinkles:

  1. Sit on the chair with your head straight, your chin parallel to the floor. Turn your head in one side and the other, then up and down. Movements do smoothly, without sharp backpacks.
  2. We are allowed to go down your head in the shoulder and try to touch it ear, to fix it for a few seconds. We repeat the exercise on the other side.
  3. Turn your head in one direction and straighten your chin with the power supply and fix the positions for a few seconds. We repeat the exercise on the other side.
  4. We open our mouths and tighten the muscles of the neck, protrude the chin in one direction. After the relaxation time, we repeat the same in a different way.
  5. Throw your head back, we throw your lower lip on top. Then we then slowly, without idiots, lower our head at the starting position and below, so that the chin is touched in front of the chest.
  6. We move to the floor and pull our knees to the stomach. Lower your shoulders and pull your neck. I lower my head forward and after a few seconds of fixation we take the stop back.

After performing exercises for the muscles of the face against wrinkles, it is necessary to remember that it is impossible to give the muscles of the face and neck a greater load on the muscles of the face and neck at the same time. If the loading for the face from wrinkles is done for the first time, several days can be done only through 10 gates of each exercise.And only after this time in gymnastics added additional repetitions.

Their appearance is not always due to unscrupulous implementation, often certain deficiencies are too lasting for the procedures. In this case, it is recommended to pay the most attention to the problem area, not to forget about the gym for other parts of the face.

As a simultaneous procedure, it is not superfluous to increase the efficiency of gymnastics to apply moisturizing masks. To increase the tone and elasticity of the muscles and skin of the face, it is necessary to drink up to two liters of water a day, and from the diet to get rid of the calorie, fatty and smoother food.

In accordance with the main recommendations, the exercise against wrinkles on the face will help restore the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, refresh the complexion and give it lost contours. Bags under the eyes and other signs of swelling resolve as a result of the acceleration of blood flow and improvement in local metabolism. Several unnecessary years manifesting with unwanted wrinkles will instead be shiny and youthful looking.

Do you do gymnastics for face from wrinkles?

Women use many means in the struggle to preserve youth. All kinds of creams and masks, salon procedures, the cost of which is quite high and so on. However, there is another effective way to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and combat them, which will require only the presence of leisure and, in full, financial investment. And this invites wrinkles on the face that can easily be done at home. If you do not do good manipulations on a regular basis, you can significantly improve the condition of your skin.

Thanks to regular workouts, it is possible to restore the skin tone and slow down the aging process. Please note that when you manifest the flat folds, classes will give the result. But in the presence of deep and numerous wrinkles, the loading for the face also becomes from the sackging, but partially.

Optimal age to start the exercises is taken into account 27-29 years. In this case, you can prevent the appearance of the first mimi wrinkles, make the skin more elastic and elastic, give oval face clarity, and look younger. Exercises for braces are not allowed to remove deep wrinkles, but they will help prevent new ones.

If the first wrinkles have not begun to appear on the face, you can also intervene in gymnastics for the face. In this case, it will be aimed at preventing the appearance of wrinkles, improving the tone of the skin and the work of the facial muscles.

The main condition for the effectiveness of exercises is regular. Charging should be done daily, ideally twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. Facelift should be the same mandatory procedure as cleaning teeth or combing hair.

advantage Charging a person is expressed as follows:

  • strengthen muscles because they ensure their movement;
  • improve blood circulation and the strength of the dermis;
  • preservation of skin elasticity;
  • smoothing small wrinkles;
  • reducing pockets and dark circles under the eyes;
  • expansion of the skin youth.

Charging for the face rejuvenates twenty years - is it really possible? Of course, it is hardly possible to get explicit results with explicit signs of aging just thanks to the exercises, but in combination with the use of good cosmetics and a healthy lifestyle they really help. The main thing - regularity.

First, it is enough to do the exercises for the face five times. Gradually increase the number of approaches to 10. It is better that the loading for the muscles of the face from wrinkles was done in front of the mirror - so you can see that you are doing everything right. Also, remember that before classes start, you need to start cleansing and softening the skin with cream.

Wrichin store: complex of effective exercises

The first thing to do is work out. It is done as follows:

  • Hand pillows quickly and easily praise in the area of ​​the face.
  • Massage the face and scalp gently to improve blood circulation.
  • Breathe deeply and exhale a few times.

Exercises from wrinkles on the forehead

  • Attach thumbs to the temples. Place the rest of your fingers on the skin on your forehead, a little above your eyebrows, and let it fall slightly. Starting with your fingertips, start the exercise: trying to overcome the pressure of your fingers, throw your eyebrows sharply and in such a position for five seconds. Then lower your eyebrows and repeat the same manipulations. Try to do the exercise ten times.
  • Now the same exercise, on the contrary, is possible: press your hands on the back of the forehead and pull the skin up, the eyebrows are pulled down. Save this position for five seconds and repeat the exercise.
  • Raise your eyebrows as high as possible. Open your eyes wide open. Close for five seconds, then close your eyes and relax the muscles. The number of repetitions - 10, at the same time, try to gradually accelerate the pace.
  • Fix your palm forehead, injure it on your skin. Close your eyes, rotate your eyeballs without moving your head. You have to do ten rounds clockwise and so much against it.
  • Do not remove the palms of the hands from the forehead, move the skin on the sides and up and down. After a few circular massage movements.

Exercises of wrinkles between the eyebrows

Charge for the face, video to help you do it right. The brow muscles should be tight, but the skin shouldn't frown.

Use your index finger to press the zone into the area where the eyebrows begin. Then try to bring your eyebrows into the bridge as if you were frowning, and your fingers should resist this by applying pressure. So you need to put the pressure on the fingers, try to bring eyebrows, delay this position for five seconds and relax muscles. Repeat ten times.

Exercises to smooth out "goose paws", braces and puffiness under the eyes.

  • Position the pads under your eyebrows with your finger, press them a little and raise your eyebrows. Look through your eyes as much as you can. Look up to five and open your eyes and release muscle tension. The same repetition at the same time.
  • Press your fingers to the bone at the end of your lower eyelids. The skin pulls down, look up. In this position, try to close your eyes and try not to reduce the pressure on your fingers.
  • Again, squeeze the tip of your finger with the zone of the outer corner of the eye. After a little delay the skin on the sides. Communicate eyelids, turn the eyes ten times in both sides so that the head remains fixed.

Exercises for pulling cheeks

  • Enter your mouth as much as you can, puffy your cheeks, squeeze the palms with five while trying to resist the pressure with your cheeks. Relax and repeat the exercise. A total of ten times.
  • Repeat the mouth of air, twisting it ten times in both directions in a circle.

Exercises for smoothing nasolabial wrinkles

  • Wide opening lips, pull them forward and try to represent the sound for about five seconds. Do it slowly and feel your muscles. Repeat ten times.
  • Fold the lips with a tube, try to pull them forward, considering up to five. Relax and repeat the exercise. Totally exist ten times.
  • Press your lips as tightly as possible without crushing your teeth. Use the corners of your mouth and pull them up to your teeth. Secure this position and take yourself ten times and lower the corners of your mouth.
  • Draw your lips with a tube, take a deep breath in your nose and breathe out your mouth without changing the position of your lips. Repeat these manipulations ten times.

Exercises for collecting chin

  • The lower lip is easy to squeeze her lips, pull it into your mouth and put a couple of chins forward. Move the jaw slowly, ten times left and ten times right. Do it as much as you can while leading in both positions.
  • Maximum wide and slowly open your mouth, take up to five and close your mouth. Do ten exercises.
  • Tighten your head back then try to cover the bottom of the top. Relax and lower your head down.
  • Open your mouth, check the back of your head, and tent times try to close your cheeks.

Carry out the last exercise carefully as there is a risk of crowding in the occipital muscles.

Exercises for skin braces on the neck

  • Closer to your teeth, your back head back, stretch as if to touch the tip of the top wood. The collar is tense at the same time. Repeat ten times.
  • Put your hands on your neck so you were on the other side. The neck slowly turns on the sides, trying to resist the hands a little. In this position, make the movement head up and down. Do 10 repetitions.
  • You need to lower your hands, relax your shoulders, and keep your head in your chest. Pile of head to left shoulder, throw it back. Same with your head pressed against your right shoulder.

Completion of the training

  • Sit rotational movements head in both sides, move your neck on the sides and up and down.
  • Easy to squeeze the skin with massage movements in the direction from the chin to the ears, from the nose to the temples, from the edges of the firm to the ears, from the center of the forehead to the hair.
  • To improve the result, apply the cream to the skin with a lifting effect.

Such a charging for the face from the settlement, the video that you will find from below, will help utilize important groups of the facial muscles and maintain skin elasticity. Run it regularly and you will soon notice explicit changes for the better. We have a few videos of face lifting exercises.

Face gymnastics on video

Wrinkles are sharply defined folds on the skin that are formed due to the loss of elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

Assign the following reasons for the formation of wrinkles on the face

  1. Previously suffered diseases of the nervous, endocrine, sexual systems, as well as various disease guests, which significantly weaken the operation of the immune system and cause a decrease in skin elasticity.

In addition, the situation is even more complicated when a person has severe chronic illnesses.

  1. All sorts of hormonal diseases in the body.
  2. A long stay in the sun pulls the skin and thins its protective layer (the impact of ultraviolet rays is always indicated negatively on the skin). Because of this, the epidermis loses moisture and tends to give the appearance of wrinkles on the skin.
  3. Smoking helps reduce the production of elastin, which is why the skin is exposed to premature aging. In addition, people who smoke are noticeable of a gray hue.
  4. Long-term stay in the wind either in the smoked rooms (the so-called passive smoking is no less dangerous than the traditional inhalation of smoke with the usual digging of the cigarette).
  5. The appearance of wrinkles as a direct result of aging. From about forty years of age, the skin quickly loses moisture and elasticity. It is thinned because the first deep wrinkles appear to people.
  6. Inadequate care of the face and neck lead to a lack of vitamin, nutrition and respect for the epidermis. This certainly affects the general condition of the skin of the face.
  7. Excessive use of dense decorative cosmetics dries the skin, which creates all the conditions for wrinkling. The most dangerous types of cosmetics are powdered, tonal creams and various proofreaders. They are that clog pores and contribute to the loss of moisture from the skin.
  8. Dry weight loss.
  9. Compliance with adherence to the diet, as the body does not receive enough useful substances. This can seriously affect the condition of the skin.
  10. Accommodation in poor environmental conditions affects the overall condition of the entire organism and the skin, including.
  11. Inadequate use of liquid leads to rapid loss of moisture and skin drying.
  12. Unhealthy lifestyle and drinking alcohol more often.
  13. Chronic overwork and absent.
  14. Overly active facial expressions contribute to the frequent reduction of the muscles of the face, which is why the person appears small for the first time, and then deeper wrinkles.

Wrinkles on the face are an explicit disadvantage for both men and women, so they seek all possible solutions to this problem.

A fairly effective technique in this case is the special gymnastics for the face and neck from wrinkles. It has its own characteristics and types. Take a closer look at them.

Are there any contraindications to exercise?

  1. With fungus or bacterial lesions of the skin of the face and neck.
  2. With low immunity.
  3. In the absence of testimony to do the gymnastics from wrinkles (if a person is young, and he still does not have wrinkles, then he simply does not need special gymnastics).
  4. In the presence of open wounds on the face.
  5. In the time after the recently performed surgical manipulations on the facelift as well as after the laser grinding of the skin.
  6. With various dermatological skin diseases.
  7. In the presence of rashes and acne on the skin (gymnastics can add even more acne acne to separation).

In other cases, this gymnastics are allowed to perform for the face. It does not offer complex manipulations, so it can be done even during pregnancy.

General rules for execution

This gymnastics of wrinkles has the following rules for execution:

  1. When performing exercises on the neck, there should be no scarves or sweaters with collars.
  2. To get a better effect, at the same time as the gym class, you need to apply moisturizing creams, masks and lotions. It is also important to add vitamins to your diet.
  3. It is best to perform such an outdoor technique.
  4. To achieve the strengthening of the muscles of the face, useful to use protein products (meat, fish, beans, cottage cheese).
  5. Before starting the exercises, it is necessary to relax the muscles of the face. It is not recommended to do this gymnastics in a clothed state, as sharp movements can contribute to the appearance of the red spots on the smooth skin of the face.
  6. After the exercise is completed, the person needs to be wiped with the tincture of herbs or ice cubes. After that, it should be wiped with a soft towel and moistened with oily cream.
  7. The key to successfully relieving wrinkles with gymnastics is to do the exercise dates regularly. So it is necessary to do similar rejuvenating sessions 2-3 times a week.

Classic facial gymnastics for wrinkles

Traditional gymnastics of wrinkles includes such a group of exercises:

  1. Exercise for cheeks:
  • sit down carefully and deeper.
  • hold your breath and move the air from one cheek to another in your mouth;
  • repeat twenty times.
  1. Exercise of wrinkles in the forehead zone:
  • press the palms open so that the fingers are on both delivery sheets;
  • start slowly raising eyebrows while not removing your fingers;
  • repeat the exercises ten times in the morning and evening.
  1. Exercise of wrinkles in the eye zone:
  • look in the distance and focus on a subject;
  • close your eyes and open them quickly while looking up;
  • several times to look around;
  • big open eyes and raise your eyebrows after what frown;
  • sleep your eyes and the circular motions on your fingers to lose the skin, then apply a moisturizer.
  1. Exercise from wrinkles in the lip zone:
  • clench your teeth and wrap your lips in your mouth.
  • stretch the corners of the lips and delay ten seconds.
  • relax your mouth and repeat the exercise five times.

Video: facelift.


In addition to traditional face gymnastics, these types of this method of eliminating wrinkles are distinguished:

  1. Japanese technique.
  2. Shiatsu
  3. Facial expressions.


Japanese face gymnastics is called Asahi. It is based on a special technique that aims to restore muscles.

This technique has a feature: it is necessary to do it with light massage movements with special cream made of cotton. They can be replaced with ordinary face milk.

Despite its greater efficiency, Japanese gymnastics has the following contraindications to its use:

  1. A time of acute respiratory diseases.
  2. The presence of inflammation in the body.
  3. Menstrual period.
  4. Increased body temperature or high blood pressure.
  5. Diseases of the face.
  6. Depression.
  7. Chronic nasal diseases (sinusitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, etc.).

All exercises must be done in a sitting position so that the body is not intense. Alternatively, it should not be pressed on the skin.

Such a meeting usually lasts fifteen minutes. All exercises must be repeated five times.

The Asahi technique includes such a set of exercises:

  1. Press your fingers on your forehead and click the skin. Then, without removing it, enter your fingers into the zone zone.
  2. Press the paddles into the outer corners of the eyes and place them on the surface of the eyelid in the inner corner of the eye. Lounge at the end point.
  3. Squeeze all of your fingers on the chin area and slowly bring your fingers into the eye as if straightening the skin. After you've stopped in the same position, pause, stop and return to its original position.
  4. Squeeze the wings of your nose and pull them towards the temple. Repeat ten times.
  5. To push the skin into the nasal area, use your other hand to smooth the skin toward your temples.


The technique of Shiatsu aims to improve blood circulation and skin rejuvenation.

It has the following contraindications:

  • bleeding disorders;
  • gTS diseases;
  • impaired integrity of the skin;
  • temperature increase;
  • diseases of the skin.

The basis of this gymnastics is the point performance of the exercise with circular movements. At the same time, the force of pressure on the skin should not be too great.

Before performing such gymnastics, it is desirable to brush the skin and apply a fatty cream to it.

Shiatsu offers such an exercise group:

  1. Squeeze the temple zone and make ten circular motions from the temples to the forehead.
  2. Press the pillows on the fingers on the inner viewing angle and massage it. Repeat the same thing with the outer corner of your eye.
  3. Press the zone above the eyebrows as an index and middle finger. Tighten the point data.
  4. Tilt your head back and press your fingers into the corners of your lips. Tighten the point data.


Mimic gymnastics for face from wrinkles is aimed at pulling the skin and eliminating its small flaws.

The basis of this technique is the frequent tension of the muscles and their appropriate relaxation.

You need to repeat all the exercises ten times.

Mimic gymnastics includes such exercises:

  1. Take a breath and squeeze your teeth. Stretch lips and after exhaling to return them to its original position.
  2. Hold your breath and reveal the wings of your nose. Then exhale.
  3. Rhythmically raise the corners of your mouth while also taking in the muscles of your cheeks.
  4. Quickly open your eyes and it would climb quickly. Repeat ten times.

Does the choice of exercise depend on age?

When choosing exercises for wrinkles around the eyes or other parts of the face, it is very important to consider your age. For example, after 50 years people will fit more complex exercises aimed at restoring the lost elasticity of the skin.

At a younger age, you can practice light gymnastics for the face, which are more aimed at preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

As for the classic gymnastics of wrinkles, anyone aged twenty-five can participate in any age.

Separate the word zone around the eyes

Due to the fact that the skin around the eye is very thin and delicate, the exercises in this area are so carefully and gently needed.

When performing the above techniques in the eye zone, you should always use fatty creams or essential oils (it is best to use peach or almond oil).

Prevention by adoptive of unwanted wrinkles

In the prevention of wrinkles on the face, you need to do such exercises:

  1. The lips clearly fade vowel tones as the facials cycle.
  2. Close your eyes and hold your eyelids with your fingers. Look around closed eyes.
  3. Pull your lips and open your mouth to allow the muscles of your mouth to stretch. After that, to hold for ten seconds and relax lips.
  4. Attach your fingers to the corners of your lips and open a small mouth. Stretch lips.
  5. Push your chin forward and turn your head from side to side.
  6. Put your fingers on the whiskey and raise your eyebrows often.
  1. Refuse the use of alcoholic beverages and smoking.
  2. Carefully monitor your diet. The diet should be rich in fruits, vegetables and protein foods. It is also very useful to use food grade vegetable oils. They enrich the skin with vitamins.
  3. The day when you need to drink at least two liters of pure water without gas in order to maintain normal water balance in the body.
  4. Avoid excessive overwork and stress (follow your psycho-emotional state).
  5. Have a full sleep and rest.
  6. It is important to use only high-quality decorative cosmetics and wash them off completely before going to bed.
  7. After applying cosmetics, the face must be well hydrated.
  8. Carefully monitor hygiene. This means that from the age of fifty you must start applying moisturizing masks to prevent wrinkles and using special creams. The skin should also be properly cleansed, toned, and fortified with vitamin serums.
  9. Wrap the skin from the effects of direct sunlight and ultraviolet light. It is useful to use special protective creams for this.
  10. In the cold season, it is necessary to apply protective cream from the effects of frost and wind on the skin.
  11. It is timely to treat various diseases that can negatively affect the condition of the skin.
  12. Cosmeticians are not recommended to apply decorative cosmetics to the face on a daily basis. With this advice, you can greatly extend the youth of your skin.

Gymnastics for the face of wrinkles is a simple and efficient preventive and a real effective way to smooth out existing wrinkles on the face and neck. Exercises are simple, understandable. Any woman, if desired, can do it.

Regularly doing Facial Gymnastics smooths out small wrinkles, a part of the trousers of the face and slows down the aging of the skin.

The most remarkable result can be obtained with newly emerging mimi wrinkles, but even with severe age-related changes, gymnastics increases the tone of the skin, which makes it more elastic and elastic.

Gymnastics of a face as a means of fighting wrinkles

Why do you need to train your face and neck?

The main causes of the appearance of wrinkles on the face are natural aging and activity of the facial muscles. With repetitive facial expressions, some muscles are each involved more than others, some are consistently in good shape, while others start over time.

Exercise can normalize the vital activity of the facial muscles and lead to tone.

According to beauticians, regular classes on facial exercises should be started no later than 27-29 years.

This is the perfect age at which to prevent age-related skin changes.

The first results are usually noticeable after three weeks of daily practices.

In this case, exercise efficiency depends on:

  • old women;
  • skin type;
  • the correctness and regularity of the exercise.

Basic principles and mechanisms of action of gymnastics for the face

The basic principle of all modern face and neck exercises consists of three basic reflexes:

  • deep muscular relaxation;
  • subsequent muscle contraction;
  • deep and proper breathing that "starts" rejuvenating processes.

As a result, the oxygenated and oxygenated blood is evenly "spread" throughout the body, restoring the elasticity of the skin and muscles.

What is important to know before doing gymnastics?

With the procedure, watch in case you have rashes, irritation on your face, or you overtake the ENT disease.

The exercise itself doesn't require any special tools, a fairly proper mood, relaxed home decor, and clean skin and hands.

Nuances of the procedure

In order to achieve the maximum lifting effect, it is recommended to combine a facial massage with a facial massage, using highly active, nutrient cream and special SERA.

What to look out for during the procedure

  • When performing exercises, it is important to adhere to a strict sequence: first for the eyes, then for the neck and chin.
  • Maintain correct body position (sitting, straight, back), relax, focus on the exercise.
  • Correct breathing - no less important factorin addition to the enrichment of blood oxygen. Inhale must be combined with muscle relaxation, exhale - with tension.

Gradually complicate the exercises and do not be lazy, in order to fully perform the whole complex.

The gymnastics ends with a moisturizing cream with light movements along the massage lines.

Options for performing gymnasts

Mimic gymnastics.

eliminate wrinkles around the eyes

Put your fingertips on the skin near the corners of your eyes. Broken eyes and make circular movements with eyeballs clockwise and then counterclockwise, ten times in each side.

Fingers to fold at the end of the eyelid near the bones. Slowly lift your eyes up and without weakening with your fingers of pressure, slowly pulling your eyelids closer for five seconds. After that, open your eyes and relax the muscles. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

for lips

Open your mouth widely, the teeth press strongly on your lips and breathe through your nose.

against wrinkles on the forehead

Purpose your right hand is on your nose, the left is slightly higher. Put the pads on the skin and take out two semicircles by changing your fingers. Pull on the forehead of the semicircles and gradually increase the diameter.
It is necessary to continue as long as the entire forehead is covered. When the fingers reach the temples, the bars must press lightly. This allows the muscles of the forehead to relax.

for the neck

Ingot holders only need with the tile sides of the palm trees. The exercise is performed from the bottom up, ending with the chin. The movements of the back of the right hand gently massage the left side of the neck. Change your hand and worked the second side. The entire session lasts five to ten minutes.

Massage relieves swelling, tones skin covering and removes the chin savings.

Popular techniques

In addition to individual exercises, there are ready-made efficient techniques, each of which has its own circle of admiration.

Japanese gymnastics for face (cgan)

A distinctive feature of the COGAN is the ability to choose individual massage movements based on the type of face. The procedure includes a strong, pain, impact on certain "beauty points" and to stimulate Lymphotoks.
At the same time, all of the structures that make up oval faces, including bone tissue, are involved.

There are two types of Japanese gymnastics:

  • Lymphoma massage, due to the excessive fluid and toxins being expelled from the tissues. The result of the procedure will normalize the complexion and eliminate the swelling.
  • Deep massage that affects the deep muscles. Thanks to him, the vessels are strengthened and the leather attracts.

How to properly perform the Japanese facial massage look in the video in the section.

Chinese gymnastics qigong.

This improved self-massage has no contraindications and is performed 2-3 times a week within 20 to 30 minutes. The lifting effect can be felt immediately after the procedure.

The specialty of Qigong is the ease of movement without shifting the skin. At the same time, each part of the face made nine movements, directed from top to bottom.

There are two forms of Chinese gymnastics:

  • Contact
  • non-contact (applied to the skin with inflammatory processes).

The video tells about the technique of Qigong.

Galina Dubinina Gymnastics.

All facelift exercises are based on the anatomical structure of the mimic muscles, on deep knowledge of their functioning, which goes against their activities and how to restore them.

Galina Dubinina developed training complexes for different areas of the face.

You can find more information about the technology in the video.

Gymnastics Carol Madjio.

Gymnastics is designed for 11 minutes, it can be done at any convenient time during the day.

Gymnastics by Anastasia Burdyug

Anastasia Burdyug is the only licensed specialist with the right to teach the Carol Majio method in Russia.

Exercise lasts 8 minutes in the morning and in the evening. The effect is noticeable when the whole complex is fulfilled.

Tibetan gymnastics.

It is performed immediately after waking up (until 6:00 a.m.) lying on the back on the solid surface.

Each of the exercises lasts 30 seconds and consists of 30 identical movements.

In the first few sessions there may be painful sensations that will soon go away. After completing the exercise, a glass of warm water is recommended to activate the lymphatic and digestive systems.

Method of Emma Handy

  • toning and strengthening muscles with special exercises;
  • return to the oval of the face of the same shape, and the skin former beauty with the help of the face design.

For a complete understanding of the technique, see the Emma's detailed video flow.

Respiratory gymnastics (Bodyflex)

Breathing aerobics is aimed at deep saturation of the blood with oxygen, thanks to which many processes in the body are activated, including skin rejuvenation.

Gymnastics has two components:

Information on how to breathe properly and what exercises you will need to do a video.

Specificity of care and gymnastics for the face after 50 years

During menopause and after its completion, the production of hormone estrogen, which is responsible for elasticity, skin density and cell recovery, decreases in a woman's body.

As a result, wrinkles on the face gradually deepen, and the cheeks begin to give. Pigment spots and vascular grid appear.

In order to slow down the aging processes for women for 50, it is necessary, with special attention and regularity, to perform gymnastics and self-massage, and also not skimp on cosmetics and a quality product that corresponds to age and type:

  • anti-wrinkle creams with high SPF;
  • seal serum;
  • creams for old age;
  • soft enzyme peeling;
  • street tonic, etc.

Prevention of wrinkles in the future

According to the world-famous author of the rejuvenation system "Fitness for Face" Patricia Gorki, gymnastics is an excellent prevention of wrinkles, as it improves blood circulation, contributes to the activation of cellular updates and the production of collagen, removed in the accumulated toxins of the body.

Rejuvenating gymnastics allows women to independently, without the use of special equipment and tools, solve problems with skin fading.

Regularly completing the complex of facial exercises will keep you young and attractive regardless of age.

Gymnastics for face from wrinkles at home: video

Wrinkle on the face phenomenon is inevitable, so it is best to prepare for skin tone with special exercises. Please refer to the video we prepared for details.