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Internet Measure WiFi signal strength - that's how it works


In most cases, an approximate WiFi signal strength can be determined using an internet-enabled mobile device. Your laptop or smartphone, for example, shows you a certain amount of WiFi reception. However, this indication is not particularly precise. An additional program for laptops or an app for the smartphone provide more precise measurement data.

If the passage is too low, it can also get through Router problems arise. These problems can often be resolved with a router update. In another article we will show you how you can update your FritzBox.

Determine the signal strength with the computer

There are some programs that can read out the strength of the wireless network for computers. This includes WirelessNetView.WiFi analyzer and Netspot. WiFi analyzer and in the meantime WirelessNetView also currently only exist for Windows. Alternatively, you can use Netspot - because this program works for both Windows-based devices and macOS systems. In our instructions we explain the process using WirelessNetView.

WirelessNetView is by the way free and have to not installed become. All you have to do is download and run the program. Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

Use the Fritz! App WLAN to determine the signal strength on your smartphone

This app is available for both Android, as well as for iOS. However, it is still in the for iPhones Beta phase. The functions are the same on both types of device. Follow our step-by-step instructions, the quick start guide or the explanatory video.


Quick Start Guide: Determine Signal Strength Using a Computer

  1. Download WirelessNetView and unzip You the .zip file.
  2. Start the program, do one Right click on her network and choose "Properties" out.
  3. Now you can read: The closer "Average signal"is at 100%, the better the signal.
  4. Under "Maximum speed"you can read off the maximum WLAN speed.

Brief instructions: Use the Fritz! App WLAN to determine the signal strength on your smartphone

  1. Load up Fritz! App WLAN for Android or iPhone and open the app. You may still need one short tutorial which introduces you to the most important functions of the app.
  2. Tap on "Measure WLAN throughput".
  3. If you on "report"tap, you will get one detailed summary of the measured signal. The signal strength is displayed in dBM.
  4. Ever closer to 0 is the better. So values ​​of -100 dBm are not particularly good, while values ​​of -50 dBm indicate a strong signal.