What is Mark Zuckerberg's IQ

Priscilla Chan


  • First name Priscilla
  • NameChan
  • Born February 24, 1985, Braintree, Massachusetts / United States
  • Star signs fish
  • Years36
  • 1.65 m
  • PartnerMark Zuckerberg (married 2012)
  • KinderMaxima (* 2015)

Not everyone knows that

Biography of Priscilla Chan

It is always said: Behind every successful man there is a strong woman. Even if the distribution of roles for many couples has changed in the meantime, the description of one relationship definitely applies: That of Priscilla Chan and her husband, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Priscilla is pretty smart too

And not only he has a clever head, Priscilla also turned out to be a true high-flyer early on: She was already able to shine with impressive achievements in high school and was even voted the "genius of the class" by her classmates in the yearbook. So it was not surprising that Chan was accepted directly after school at what is probably the most coveted elite university in the USA: Harvard. A school that should not only leave a lasting impression on its professional résumé.

People of the same kind stick together

Because in the venerable halls of the Ivy League University, where Priscilla studied biology and Spanish, by the way, she also met her future husband: Mark Zuckerberg. The two started dating back in 2003 - after they met at a party near the toilets. What doesn't sound very romantic should become one of the most haunted love stories of our time: Because the relationship lasted even during Priscilla's second time at university, she studied medicine in San Francisco, and was finally sealed on May 19, 2012 with the marriage - by the way, only the day after Facebook went public as a company, and a week after Priscilla Chan graduated from medical school. The icing on the cake for the young family was their daughter Maxima on December 1, 2015 - luckily, because Mark Zuckerberg's wife had to go through three miscarriages beforehand.

Big IQ and an even bigger heart

Priscilla always knew what she wanted. And that is not only about helping the next generation as a pediatrician, but also doing something good for as many people as possible. In line with the birth of their daughter with Mark Zuckerberg, the couple launched the "Chan Zuckerberg Initiative", to which they granted 99% of their Facebook shares to support health and education projects. The shares were worth around 45 billion dollars at the time - that is a proud sum even for the super-rich Zuckerberg. But even before that, the couple liked to make large sums of money: Chan and Zuckerberg donated over 1 billion dollars to charitable organizations as early as 2013 - and gave the "social" in "social networks" a whole new meaning.