Wear blind makeup

Make-up tips for school: Subtle but expressive

Natural make-up is popular at school. When it comes to make-up tips for school, keep in mind that not all teachers find Smokey Eyes seductive in the mornings. In principle, make-up is of course also okay in school, it should just be as natural as possible.

Make-up tips for school: practical and quick

The good news first: you don't have to go to great lengths to get the perfect make-up at school. Elaborate eye make-up is more suitable for an evening party anyway. For school, natural make-up is completely sufficient to highlight personal advantages.

It is important to cleanse thoroughly in the morning to remove dirt and sebum from the skin. A moisturizing day cream that suits the skin type is then applied. Pimple day creams should only be used if the skin is really impure, otherwise these products will dry out the skin unnecessarily. An oil-free day cream is recommended for shiny, oily skin.

A compact powder is sufficient for a radiant complexion for young skin. This powder is applied with a sponge from the center of the face outwards. For natural make-up it is important that the powder is color-coordinated with the skin tone. Otherwise, the face will quickly look like a mask.

Emphasize eyes and lips - make-up tips for school

This lays the foundation for natural make-up with a radiant complexion. Now it's just a matter of putting the eyes and lips in the right place. One of the best make-up tips for school when it comes to expressive eyes is carefully emphasizing the eyelashes. Even if the general rule for make-up tips for school is that less is more, mascara can be applied twice. If you like and can already do it, you can draw a subtle eyeliner with kohl beforehand.

Conspicuous lipstick, on the other hand, is not trendy at school. A transparent, subtle lip gloss is sufficient for natural make-up. It accentuates the lips without overdoing it. A lightly tinted lip balm is also a good idea, especially in winter when the lips are dry.