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Yes, straight to your home! The Burger King® Delivery service is already available in more than 170 restaurants - and the number is growing all the time. With that, Burger King creates® 1000 new jobs with the delivery service alone. It's best to stop by and order your favorite burger conveniently for home. You can find out whether your Restaraunt takes part in the delivery service in the King Finder and at www.bklieferservice.de. There you also have the opportunity to find out when your restaurant is participating in the delivery service.

The selection of the participating restaurants depends on various factors, such as the location of the restaurants. Burger King® works closely with the franchisees to assess these factors, assess them and ultimately make a decision on implementation.

Please understand that Burger King® as a listed company, cannot provide any information on the sales of individual markets or restaurants.

The guest feedback on the test phase of the Burger King® The delivery service was already very positive, so the delivery service was expanded nationally. Please understand that Burger King® as a listed company, cannot provide any information on the sales of individual markets or restaurants.

We are continuously working on optimizing the range of products and services in order to meet the wishes and needs of our guests. Since the guests wanted a delivery service, we started a Germany-wide delivery service, which was very positively received by the guests. With this in mind, we decided together with the franchisees to gradually expand the delivery service.

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible for us to have the entire Burger King® To offer products as part of the delivery service. An overview of the currently available product range is available online at www.bklieferservice.de. In addition, the offer of the Burger King® The delivery service is also supplemented by special product combinations such as the “Couple Bundle” or “Party Bundle” or by exclusive products such as the “Monster Energy Drink”. Sweet kings and king snacks as well as extras on request complete the offer.

The restaurants take orders from a radius that can be reached within eight minutes. This ensures that the high quality standards of Burger King® can also be adhered to during delivery service. Via the website www.bklieferservice.de, they can check whether a guest is within the radius of the respective restaurant from which they want to order. After a successful test phase, the delivery service is to be gradually expanded.

Because of the additional costs associated with delivery for the participating restaurants, we've made a slight adjustment to the prices. As part of the delivery service, we have also developed product combinations with which our guests can order great combinations of our most popular products at an attractive price.

Depending on the restaurant, guests have the option of paying either in cash or cashless with an EC card.

The average delivery time will be around 40 minutes. In exceptional cases, e.g. for bulk orders, the delivery time can be extended by 5-10 minutes. As the guest satisfaction at Burger King® is our top priority, we try to deliver every order to our guests as quickly as possible.

Orders are taken at the Burger King® Delivery service participating restaurants either via Lieferando.de or via the website at www.bklieferservice.de. The website is also optimized for mobile phones and can therefore also be accessed from mobile devices.

Unfortunately, vouchers cannot currently be redeemed for the Burger King® delivery service. Burger King offers special product combinations such as the “Couple Bundle” or the “Party Bundle”® its guests, however, tasteful offers at an attractive price.

We have introduced special packaging and carrying boxes to keep the products fresh. Soft drinks, for example, are supplied in PET bottles and packaging was specially developed for the KING fries to ensure temperature and crispness - true to our claim, taste is king®.

All guest complaints that reach us are forwarded directly to the on-site restaurant manager, who will take care of processing the request.

Guests can enjoy the Burger King® Use the delivery service Monday to Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

After an order has been placed, guests have a time window of five minutes in which they have the opportunity to change their order afterwards. The order can be changed via a central telephone number.


The eye eats too - that counts not only with regard to our products, but also when it comes to cleanliness in and outside of our restaurants. The lobby - i.e. the area where you can enjoy our burgers - is checked and cleaned at least once an hour. This not only includes cleaning the tables, but also wiping the floor and emptying the tray trolleys.

The toilets are checked every 30 minutes. If cleaning is necessary, it is carried out by the employees. They wear special aprons and disposable gloves. Then the employees wash and disinfect their hands thoroughly - as always has to be done after leaving the kitchen. In some restaurants, employees are also used exclusively for cleaning the lobby and toilets.

For Burger King®, cleanliness and mutual consideration are just as much a part of our core values ​​as first-class service and top quality. In order to minimize waste in the vicinity of the restaurants, all employees are required to remove all types of waste. In addition, there are enough rubbish bins available for the guests on the area of ​​the Burger King® restaurants.

And our commitment doesn't stop with the packaging of our products! Because recyclability or the use of recyclable materials is extremely important to us:

  • In the Burger King® restaurants in Germany, both the serviettes and the take-away bags are made from 100% recycled paper.

  • The beverage cups are deliberately only coated on one side and are made of 95% paper. In accordance with our sorting regulations, they are also assigned to the paper waste fraction in the separation stations and disposed of as paper.

  • Most restaurants receive lettuce, tomatoes and rolls, which are delivered several times a week, in reusable transport boxes. This deposit system has proven itself at Burger King® Proven for over 15 years.

  • In the Burger King® In restaurants, the best-selling burgers are currently sold in wrapping paper that does not have a PE film coating, but is only lightly waxed. In this way it can be used as paper.

  • Due to our intensive sorting activities when separating the packaging waste, these are recycled with high quality. This means that a high number of CO2-Equivalent to be saved.

We are absolutely prohibited from vermin of any kind. For this reason, regular preventive checks are carried out in all of our restaurants by an independent company (such as Rentokill) that specializes in this. All visits and results are comprehensively documented.


For some it's just two words. For us it's a promise. Because we give everything for one cause. You are king!

This is the name of our method with which we give you a fresh Whopper® to guarantee. That means: your Whopper® will only be "built" by us when you order it. Speaking of building: Under "Crown Standards" you can see how we can give you the perfect Whopper® to build.

Even if we are the Whopper® always freshly prepared and their patties freshly grilled, some of our products are prepared - in case too many fans flock through the door at once. For these cases we have the so-called warming containers. The grilled patties can rest here for a maximum of 30 minutes. The temperature in the warming containers is so high that the patty comes really hot from there onto the bun. If the patties are not processed and sold within 30 minutes, they must be disposed of. That is why the warming containers are usually filled at known peak times so that the waiting times for our guests are shortened. However, since we cannot foresee every rush of visitors, it can still happen that there are waiting times - if z. B. suddenly a bus is in front of the door and 30 guests feel like a burger & Co.

And if there is little going on, nothing is prepared. Then the burger comes straight from the grill onto the bun - and yes, that also takes a few minutes.

To cut a long story short - sometimes the sixth sense of our employees and the good preview in the restaurants work, so that the patties and the guests find each other perfectly, and in certain situations it unfortunately takes a little longer, but of course this is not the rule.

There are always legitimate questions about the use of the microwave and we would like to clarify these once and for all.

It used to be common practice in all restaurants to put burgers in the microwave - on the one hand for the right temperature and on the other hand to melt the cheese. A precise specification had to be followed for every burger that was put in the microwave.

Today it is different in almost all restaurants. The kitchens were equipped with new equipment, including the use of the microwave for burgers and the Whopper® makes redundant. At the moment, around 90% of all branches are equipped with this technology - so don't be surprised if the microwave is sometimes still used for burgers, because then this branch is one of the 10% that are still waiting for the new technology.

But new technology or not - some desserts as well as breakfast toasties or brownies still go in the microwave and believe us, that's a good thing.

Hard to imagine, but onions are still really delivered in sacks! Several times a day cucumbers and tomatoes are washed, onions are peeled and everything is freshly cut on site. A special one for Burger King helps us with the onions® developed cutting machine. The cut protection gloves offer our employees the necessary protection so that everything runs safely.

We love it fresh - that's why we don't put frozen buns in the toaster, but freshly baked buns from a quality German bakery, which our restaurants receive several times a week.

Since these naturally have a shorter shelf life than frozen rolls, we are constantly faced with the challenge of balancing order quantity and demand - buns ordered too much mean unnecessary surplus, buns ordered too few mean dissatisfied guests.

As far as seasonally possible, we of course prefer to use products directly from the region. Because we always prefer the shortest transport routes. Salad, for example, is stripped of the stalk directly from the supplier after it has been freshly harvested. Cleaned. Cut. Packed up. And: brought to us as soon as possible.

In fact: every single coffee bean is only freshly ground when you order it. Before that, it is proud to be 100% Arabica and to have a seal of approval for sustainable cultivation.
You can read more about it here: https://www.utzcertified.org (UTZ certificate, 100% Arabica).

We grill on an open flame and we are proud of that! Since the first Burger King opened® 60 (!) years ago we gained grilling experience and optimized our processes with only one goal - the real grill taste!

So we measure z. B. every three hours the temperature of the meat patties immediately after grilling and monitor every degree - more than 79 ° is too much, less than 68 ° too little. This leaves little room for maneuver and our grill masters face this challenge anew every day.

We don't make any compromises when it comes to meat: only 100% pure beef is used for our beef burgers. And based on the labeling, we could even understand the names of the cows from which the meat comes. If we wanted to.

... means for us: delicious and so creamy ... Because the cheese that is used on our products such as burgers, breakfast specialties and in the snacks is a processed cheese preparation from Germany specially developed for our products. And now we also know that our guests are absolute cheese lovers - because around every third burger contains cheese. Our cheese specialties come from a large German supplier.
For certain promotions we use special types of cheese, such as B. delicately spicy Edam or spicy Irish Cheddar. There is only one cheese we never use and on none of our products - analog cheese. It won't come into the kitchen for us!

Basically, we always enter into long-term and strategically oriented partnerships with our suppliers. This includes the joint development of products in which the technical expertise of the manufacturers meets our high taste requirements, which repeatedly leads to innovations. After all, the aroma of the cheese used has to go well with the grill aroma of the beef or chicken patties and the other fresh ingredients. The interaction of the ingredients is essential for the best taste! And we don't say for nothing: taste is king!

The potatoes used to make our King Pommes are stored under strictly controlled conditions. Here, temperature and humidity are crucial and our potatoes feel most comfortable at 7 to 8 ° C. Our supplier is a leading global potato expert. He also advises and supports the potato growers in the cultivation, harvesting and storage of the potatoes in order to guarantee the highest quality standards in all phases of production.

The deep fryer:
Our King Pommes are deep-fried at a temperature of 172 ° C. Great professional equipment automatically regulates the time according to the amount. That means, regardless of whether a portion of french fries or two baskets are fried - all french fries always come in the same crispy bag. Our employees check the deep-frying oil at least twice a day and change it regularly. The oil is only disposed of when it has cooled down and when wearing protective gloves.

Pure beef that is freshly grilled on an open flame has been part of our tradition since 1954. We have stayed true to this tradition - also with the Grilled Dogs, which are very special hot dogs with the unique Burger King® Become taste. Because, unlike many other hot dogs, these consist of pure beef - and do not contain pork.


If you want to grill, you have to have coal.

We recommend all of our franchisees to pay according to the tariff, and most franchisees now also do this. New franchise contracts and extensions of existing contracts are only approved on the condition that remuneration is paid according to the tariff. The aim is that all employees at Burger King® are paid according to the tariff in Germany. For this we recommend membership in the Federal Association of System Gastronomy (BdS) or another association from the gastronomy and hotel industry. The BdS negotiates the details of the collective bargaining agreement with the NGG (Food-Gourmet-Gaststätten Union) every two years. In July 2017, a new collective wage agreement was passed, which will come into force on August 1st, 2017. All further information is available on the following page: http://www.bundesverband-systemgastronomie.de/tarifvertraege.html


Questions about waste reduction tactics and the topic of “waste” keep cropping up. Our answers here are very clear. First - no employee is allowed to climb into the garbage cans to reduce the size of the mountain of rubbish.
Second - there are no “waste limits”. When products have expired, they are disposed of - be it five or 50 patties or buns or heads of lettuce or tomatoes or, or, or. The decisive factor is the freshness of the ingredients, not the amount of excess. Nevertheless, we always try to make sensible calculations in order to avoid surpluses and to use resources responsibly.But since nobody can predict exactly when you will be hungry and how hungry for our burgers, surpluses or bottlenecks are possible and human.


Just go to the next Burger King® Go to a restaurant and ask a member of staff.

The Burger King® Furniture is designed and produced exclusively for our restaurants and is therefore not for sale.

Simply on the Burger King® Enter your postcode under the heading "King Finder" and find the nearest Burger King® including opening times. Or just get the Burger King mobile app® and have your favorite restaurant displayed in the King Finder at any time.

The King Magazine is Burger King's monthly customer magazine® and exclusively in the Burger King® Restaurants available while stocks last.

Best call directly in the Burger King® Call the restaurant and ask if your things have been found. You can find the phone number in the King Finder. Just enter the city or zip code. You already have all the contact details for the Burger King® Restaurants including telephone numbers are available.

You are welcome to contact our guest service with your sponsorship request using the contact form. As you can probably imagine, we get a lot of sponsorship, raffle or cooperation inquiries every day. We therefore ask for your understanding that we cannot support every request.

Burger King® was founded in Miami, Florida in 1954 by James W. McLamore and David Edgerton. The most popular burger to this day has been on offer since 1957: the Whopper®.

Find more interesting facts about the Burger King here® Success story out: More about us.

Would you like to support us in our work and earn money? Then take a look at our current vacancies: Careers at Burger King®.


The Burger King® Deutschland GmbH is only for the German Burger King® Restaurants responsible. That is why we have no room for maneuver, particularly with regard to the pricing of foreign restaurants. But you can be sure that the taste of the Whopper® will convince everywhere!

Our burgers taste best fresh. Therefore, no burger should be older than ten minutes when you get it. And you can easily check that. You will find numbers on the packaging of your burger. Each number stands for five minutes, always counting from the hour onwards. That means: A crossed out 2 stands for ten minutes (2x5 = 10). So if you hold a burger with a crossed out 2 in your hand at 12:20 p.m., you can return it immediately.

Burger King® attaches great importance to the best ingredients and fresh preparation. For all those who want to eat consciously and pay attention to calories, there is the nutritional values ​​& allergy information directly for the respective product in the "Menu" section. From the Double Whopper® to Fanta - here you can find out more about your favorite burgers. Click yourself in!


With the King Jr. Menu savings vouchers, you also have several options. Choose your main course and dessert and choose between a 0.25L soft drink or the FruchtTiger. Of course, you can also freely choose a current toy. Find out more about offers for families and children as well as the KING Jr. menu: Our family offer.

In all participating Burger King® Restaurants. Just ask for it at the checkout!

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