How is the roller coaster maintenance carried out?

Chain torn in a roller coaster - that's what the TÜV says

The first visitors had already ridden the wooden roller coaster again, said a spokesman for the amusement park. Employees must have worked all night to fix the breakdown. Craftsmen exchanged the chain that pulls the trains up. The train is now running smoothly.

Unpredictable material defects

According to Can de Haan, safety engineer at Europapark, it has not yet been definitively determined what the problem with the wooden roller coaster was. "It is very likely that there were unforeseeable material defects."

The roller coaster is now back on track. This was possible without a control by the TÜV. Although we are always in mutual exchange, there is no legal requirement according to which the TÜV must give the green light again in a case like this, explains de Haan. Basically, however, it is to be seen positively that all safety functions have worked as they should in this case. "The train stopped safely, nobody was injured, the train could not roll backwards and there was no collision."

The whole interview with the security expert in audio

Last exam in March 2019

At the request of SWR, Thomas Oberst, spokesman for TÜV, announced that Wodan was last tested in March 2019. “Rides must be checked at regular intervals by an independent body. Complex rides with high dynamic loads, including the Wodan roller coaster, must be checked annually. "

Oberst explains that individual components wear out during operation and must be replaced after a certain period of time as part of maintenance and repair measures. The manufacturers of amusement rides stipulate exactly which maintenance and repair work must be carried out at which intervals - either by the manufacturer, by a maintenance company or by the operator.

Construction prevents occupants from being endangered

“It is crucial that a ride does not pose a risk to passengers at any time, even in the event of a technical malfunction. The vehicles automatically move to a safe position from which the passengers can alight or be evacuated, "explains Oberst." In this specific case, a special design also prevents the occupants from being endangered by the drive chain. "

All security mechanisms worked perfectly in the current case, so that no one was harmed.

Safety level in German amusement parks is very high

In general, the level of security in German amusement parks is very high. "This is a result of the interaction between system manufacturers with specific experience and skills, park operators with a high sense of responsibility for their guests and a clearly regulated system of independent inspections," says Thomas Oberst.

24 passengers had been sitting on the roller coaster on Tuesday when the chain broke. All passengers were able to get out unharmed.

Wodan roller coaster in numbers

  • 1,050 meters long
  • in some places up to 40 meters high
  • Trains travel at up to 100 kilometers per hour
  • There is space for 24 passengers per train
  • was opened in 2012

TheEurope Park is a leisure and theme park in Rust in Baden-Württemberg. With around 5.6 million visitors in 2017, it is the most visited amusement park in German-speaking countries.

According to a tourism study from 2014, Europa-Park is one of the 25 most visited theme parks in the world, and after Disneyland Paris it is the second most visited theme park in Europe and the most visited seasonal theme park in the world.