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German Sports Academy

Fitness trainer training

As already mentioned, the German Sports Academy offers a broad repertoire of training and further education. These include sports and fitness trainer training, training for fitness trainer B license, personal trainer training and an entry-level program for personal trainer training, which is made up of the B license and personal trainer training. In addition, it offers four A-license training courses: the boot camp training with a focus on training with your own body weight, the cardio training with a focus on endurance, the functional fitness trainer with a combination of mobility, strength and speed and the prevention trainer with the focus on preventive and sustainable performance.

Sports and fitness trainer training

The sports and fitness trainer training offers everyone who is interested a comfortable new start with initial practical experience. The training can be completed part-time without any problems and is rewarded at the end with a total of four trainer licenses and two trainer certificates. These are the fitness trainer B license, as well as the cardio, prevention and functional trainer A licenses. After graduating, you are certified in the field of athlete nutrition and personal trainer basics. The training can begin every two months, the start dates are always in February, April, June, August, October and December. The duration is 14 months. In addition, you can enjoy a further twelve months of free personal study support and access to study materials and webinars.
The fees are € 169.00 per month. This leads to a total price of € 2,516.00, which already includes all costs.

Fitness trainer B license training

The fitness trainer B license offers the perfect basis for part-time or full-time entry into the fitness industry. The knowledge and skills imparted in the process are prerequisites for successful work as a trainer. The acquired knowledge consists of relevant basics and connections from the areas of anatomy, physiology as well as training and movement theory. The theoretical knowledge is then practically applied and deepened under the guidance of lecturers. Additional skills for dealing with future customers are also taught.
The training starts every two months and lasts for a total of six months. The advantage: Graduates can also access their study materials and webinars free of charge for a further six months and continue to receive study support. The tuition fees amount to € 179.00 per month, which is a total of € 1,224.00. This price already includes all costs.
A minimum age of 18 years is required. In addition, it is recommended that you already have experience in fitness training, but this is not absolutely necessary.

Personal trainer training

As the name suggests, this training focuses on people who later want to provide their customers with individual support. The training provides the necessary know-how to look after customers individually, be it with an optimally adapted training plan to achieve their goals or individual support in sports and fitness centers.
The offer also includes training to become an A-license Bootcamp Instructor and nutrition coaching in the personal training certificate.
The training starts every two months in February, April, June, August, October, December and lasts a total of twelve months. In addition, you have access to the study materials and webinars for a further twelve months and you can take advantage of personal study support. The monthly tuition fees are € 169.00, the total price is € 2,178.00. Here, as with the other training courses, all costs are already included.
The prerequisite for the training is a B license or a comparable training. If you have not yet completed such a training, that is not a problem, because the German Sport Academy has an offer that includes both the fitness trainer B license and the personal trainer training. The fee for this training is € 159.00 per month and lasts 17 months. This results in a total price of € 2,853.00.

A license training to become a bootcamp instructor

The bootcamp instructor training is somewhat different from the previous training. Here, knowledge about bootcamps and outdoor training is conveyed so that you can later design an intensive and varied training yourself. The focus is on training with your own body weight and small equipment.
This training only starts twice a year, once in February and once in August. It lasts three months in total, with a monthly fee of € 198.00. This results in a total price of € 594.00. In addition, you have a further three months in which you have free access to the study material and the webinars.
You can find more information on their homepage or you can conveniently have the information material of the German Sport Academy sent to you here.