How do I monetize music advertising

Earning money with YouTube and music - how does it work?

How is money actually made with Youtube? Wasn't there something with advertising and all that? In this article you will learn how money actually gets into a Youtuber's account through these and other methods and what can realistically be expected.

Earning a living with Youtube is currently a dream that many young video artists from all over the world are indulging in. It is no longer a secret that some have earned a pretty penny using the video platform, that all things have been done right. But what exactly?

The best paid formats that can be found on Youtube are beauty, gaming and music. A lucky coincidence, because as a musician, band, label or magazine it is definitely an advantage to be among the top 3 most consumed content on Youtube.

However, this does not mean that more money will automatically flow through it. At the beginning there is the question: Who are we and what video material do we want to address to which target group on YouTube?

One band relies more on video diaries from the tour, a label on music videos and album streams from their artists, and a music specialist magazine presents backstage impressions from festivals and reviews the latest equipment from the tech scene. Of course, all imaginable productions can also be packed into one medium.

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Everyone listen!

As soon as the content is produced, it goes to themarketingand aAttention Strategy.

Simply uploading a video to Youtube and hoping that many people will see it is not enough. Of course, it is not completely unlikely to get such a hit, but the potential to get a lot of views in a short period of time is very low.

Hence it is called active Press work and a Social media strategy to drive to get more viewers. Similar to traditional television, most advertising is placed where most viewers tune in. The price for advertising in the film or video contribution is also based on this.

So we are already on the next topic: advertising.

The first steps in advertising

Youtube advertising can be operated independently from the age of 18. You, as the provider of advertising space in and next to your videos, first need a Google AdSense accountwhich is linked to your bank account. In addition, your address must be confirmed in order to identify you as a real person. A PIN in the form of a letter will be sent to you by YouTube, with which you can confirm your account.

Once that happens, you can monetize videos on your channel. That is, you give certain videos as advertising space free. However, this is only possible if you are the author of the production. In other words, video and audio material must be produced by you or you have the appropriate rights to it.

No-go example: You film your band excursion to a festival and underlay it not only with your own songs, but also with those of other artists. Either you get the rights to use it or you are not allowed to release this video for advertising on Youtube!

However, if everything is correct, advertising will be placed in each of the monetized videos from now on. In the video itself as Pre-roll advert (a clip before your video starts), in the middle of the video individual promotional clips or one that can be hidden In-video overlay (an ad that is displayed as an image in the lower half of your content). In addition, on the right side of the Youtube player Banner advertising switched.

The contract with Youtube does not allow precise details of the income. Therefore, this is still a little secret, but it is slowly but surely being circumvented more openly. With 1000 views, you roughly earn 1 € from ads in or around the video. Earnings vary depending on the season and thus the density of advertisements that are placed. At Christmas, for example, more advertising is booked with Google than shortly after New Year's Eve, which is of course due to the strong purchasing behavior of customers in December.

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Apart from the advertising options provided by YouTube, another variant is one marked in the video Product placement to operate. This means that you incorporate a company's product into your video.

Here is an example: Tour in the studio or rehearsal room in which various equipment is shown. A company paid money to show you the “Digitaly Delayer M10” pedal in your video.

This topic is lucrative for you as a Youtuber, but is therefore also very hotly debated: Many already successful Youtubers like to mess around with such a format and quickly let the product placement into one surreptitious advertising slide off. Your own opinion is literally sold for a fair amount of money.

Promoting your own products that are unrelated to the YouTube channel can lead to the same fate. However, it is important to use such a format as a possible financial source. It is clear, however, that in moderation, well considered, responsible, fair and open action should be taken!

According to rough information from various Youtubers, the income from a product placement amounts to between € 1000 and € 5000. In addition, be careful with company logos processed in the video, etc.: Integrated advertising through post-production in your videos is not wanted by Google (this includes everything from the "Sponsored By" pot)!

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Another way to monetize your video activities is to direct or Affiliate links from Amazon, for example, to link products in the video description. If you have used certain equipment for production or interesting products, you can use this to set links that lead directly to the products. Cookies are used to determine whether a subsequent purchase was made by clicking on the link. You will receive a sum of money as a percentage.

It should be said that these links are not really allowed, but are not expressly forbidden either! They should in any case as such be marked! In brackets after the link it should be added that it is an affiliate link. But think twice if you want to use this method.

There must be bureaucracy

From the point at which money is earned with YouTube, it is necessary to talk to the tax advisor once. Youtubers cannot simply shovel their earnings into their own pockets as a net amount! Since this is an activity that is financially remunerated, this must be reported to the tax office! After all, the money earned has to taxed become.

Worthwhile or a pure waste of time?

Earning money with Youtube is simple. However, creating high quality videos takes time, practice, and financial resources. Unfortunately, YouTube usually only becomes a real source of income after many months or even a few years.

Even if there is often talk of "rich Youtubers" or some actually earn a living with it, this privilege is reserved for around 1% of all YouTube channels.

The chance of achieving acceptable financial success is therefore quite slim, but not impossible. It is up to you to weigh up how much budget you have left for a YouTube channel as a band and what your earnings should be with the video platform. If the monthly income is between € 50 and € 200 at the beginning, this is quite a realistic amount - for which a lot of work has to be invested.

The easiest method is to just try it out and see where it all leads without investing thousands of euros. If by chance things go well, you have a nice bonus in your pocket.

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