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Mother's Day Sayings: 5 Tips + 33 Mom Sayings for Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day sayings are helpful if you can't spend Mother's Day with your mother or if you want to add a card to your personally delivered gift. We will help you with numerous examples and instructions on how to write Mother's Day sayings yourself. You will definitely make your mom happy.

Happy Mother's Day: 5 Tips

Say thank you on Mother's Day

When it comes to emotions, many people are lacking in words. The most important thing is to be able to tell your mother how much you love her on Mother's Day. Your mother will be most excited about something homemade, so why not give it a try with a Mother's Day saying or poem that you wrote yourself? That might sound difficult, but with our instructions, a few tips and examples, you will definitely succeed in writing.

When is mother's day?

Mother's Day is celebrated every year in honor of all mothers. It took place for the first time in the USA in 1914. As a result, it gradually established itself in the western world. In Germany, Mother's Day has been celebrated on the second Sunday in May since 1923. So the exact date changes every year.

In honor of all mothers

Mother's Day is for all mothers. So not only honor your own mothers, but also other mothers who belong to your family or friends. How about a nice saying to your mother-in-law or grandma, for example? You should definitely avoid Facebook with your own mother. Of course, a personal visit is best, but if you unfortunately don't have the time, she will be happy to receive a call or a card.

Your mom is sure to be more excited about something to hold in her hand. If you are late or maybe on vacation, you can also send her an SMS or WhatsApp message. Depending on the media your mom uses most, emailing is sometimes appropriate.

Motifs for a Mother's Day card

Write mothers day card

Ideally you make the Mother's Day card yourself. You can decorate it with different motifs or buy a card with matching motifs. The Mother's Day motifs are also useful if you are looking for suitable wrapping paper. The classic motif is of course the heart, because you want to show your mother your love. Flowers or bouquets are also suitable. You can also use lucky symbols because you want to show her how lucky you are with her. Shamrocks and ladybugs. Chimney sweeps, lucky cents or horseshoes have a less loving touch than cute motifs. Mother-child motifs, teddy bears or balloons are of course also suitable.

Gifts for Mother's Day with a matching card

When you hand over your gift with a lovingly designed card, it is of course best if your Mother's Day saying goes well with the card. This way, when your mom reads your Mother's Day cards later, she can easily remember what you gave her. Here are a few ideas for gifts that you could design a matching slogan for.

  • Send flowers with a card that contains a saying and a text that you have written yourself. It is best to find the motif of the flowers in your saying.
    example: Dear mom, for me you are the most beautiful rose, so I'll send you a whole bouquet right away. You deserve it, I love you.
  • Make a cake. Here you could write your Mother's Day saying right on the cake. A heart-shaped cake is always nice too. When writing a card, you can also mention the cake.
    example: Dear mom, from you I learned to bake, to speak and also to laugh. Today I want to hand you this cake and say thank you with a smile.
  • Shopping vouchers are also very suitable as you can plan a day of shopping with your mother at the same time.
    example: Dearest mom, since you always shop so diligently for us, you should also buy something just for yourself! I will accompany you and look forward to a wonderful mother-daughter shopping day.
  • A visit to the hairdresser can also be a nice mother-child experience. But most of all, it's nice to express to a stressed mother that she deserves time for herself and her needs.
    example: Mom, I think it's time we treat ourselves to another beauty day. Since you accompanied me to the hairdresser countless times as a child, now it's my turn and I want to accompany you! This voucher stands for wonderful hair, great conversations and a big thank you for being there.
  • A photo of you and / or your family is always a nice present for mothers. Since most family photos are only hidden in digital collections, it's great to hold something in your hand. You can also buy a frame or design it yourself.
    example: Hello mom, this photo shows five grateful people. Four of them would not have existed without you. The fifth would have a completely different life without you. We are grateful for everything you do for us and we love you.
  • Jewellery offers many options in terms of price and taste. You are sure to find something that your mom likes and always reminds her that you appreciate her.
    example: Dear mom, I got my first necklace from you. Now I want to give you a present back. When you wear this necklace you should always remember how much I love you and how much I owe you.

Write Mother's Day sayings yourself

Write mother's day sayings

If you want to make an extra effort, you can write a saying for Mother's Day yourself. Your mom feels so individually valued. With the usual phrases for Mother's Day, the impression can quickly arise that you are simply saying thank you in general for having a mother. That is of course not necessarily bad, but the explanation why your mother is such a great mother will surely please her more.


In order to write Mother's Day sayings yourself, you should first think carefully about it. The emphasis is on calm. If you put yourself under too much pressure, you either end up with the usual empty phrases or you write things that don't really apply to your mother because you can't think of anything else. Here are a few questions that can help you brainstorm:

  • What do I owe her?
  • What does my mother do for me that other mothers may not do?
  • In which moments did I particularly support each other?
  • What good qualities does it have?
  • What are their specifics that I love them for?

Rhyme sayings for mom

Mother's Day sayings don't necessarily have to rhyme. But rhymes will help you find your way around. For example, after brainstorming, come up with a few rhymes and move along them in terms of content. When you have found the right rhymes, all you have to do is rework the sentence so that it fits into your rhyme scheme. The simplest possibilities are these rhyme schemes: AABB, ABAB, ABBA.

Mom sayings with the letter technique

Mother's Day sayings can also be constructed using the letter technique. Similar to rhymes, letters help you orientate yourself, give you food for thought and speed up the writing process. You can use either the letters of mom or your mom's name for this. One way to do this is to find adjectives that suit your mother and that start with the respective first letter. Like this:

M. - brave
A. - attractive
M. - laborious
A. - out of the ordinary

Another option is to come up with whole sentences or even just phrases. The sentences should, however, also begin with the corresponding letter. Like this:

M. - Master of Cooking
A. - You can always find constructive words.
M. - Compassionate educator
A. - Your presence alone will ease my pain.


Mother's Day sayings with storytelling

Storytelling is a great way to show your mother again what she's done for you and why she is such a great person. All that is needed is a short version of your life. Tell about milestones that you have overcome with your mother and that are particularly important to you. Maybe you didn't always get along well and that's exactly why you're so happy that you get along now. Or you have always been soulmates and you describe moments in which you became aware of this special relationship. Which difficult phases did she help you through and why couldn't you do without her? Below is an example for guidance and inspiration:

Dear mum,

You have been there for me all my life: you taught me to eat with cutlery and to ride a bike. You have always supported me in the important moments in my life: on my first day in kindergarten, elementary school, high school and also on my first day at university you were always by my side. You always caught me when I fell: when I fell on my bike and broke my leg, when I was sick and could only lie in bed and even when I failed an exam, you have me comforted and built up.

I want to say thank you for all of these moments that shaped my life. You made me what I am today. You were always proud of me, but today I want to tell you: I'm proud of you too!

I love you and wish you a wonderful Mother's Day. You deserve it.

Congratulations on Mother's Day with great Mother's Day sayings

In this chapter you will find different examples of Mother's Day sayings. Since there are different ways to say thank you to a mother, grandmother or mother-in-law, you will also find Mother's Day poems and quotes that fit Mother's Day in the following chapters. First of all, let's list some unspecific examples that are suitable for mothers and grandmothers. Since the relationship with the mother-in-law can sometimes be a bit more complex, we have provided a separate chapter for this.

  1. A child without a mother is a flower without rain. (Proverb from India)
  2. Mothers sometimes tread paths that angels fear to tread.
  3. You have no more important ally in this world than your mother.
  4. I wouldn't be here without you - and I thank you for that!
  5. A bouquet for mother's love -
    that is very little thanks.
    Would you believe me if I wrote
    that I love you ’all my life?
  6. I love you so dearly
    like the tree its branches,
    like the sky its star,
    I just like you that much.
  7. You will be a good mother forever
    you gave me my good mother,
    therefore I want to say thank you
    and give you this gift.
    Happy Mother's Day dear grandma!
  8. You are always there in case of problems
    you help me wonderfully.
    your food is the very best
    there are usually no leftovers.
    Live high and stay healthy
    with you it's always going well.
  9. Dear mommy, listen
    nobody is as nice as you
    And now I'll finish with you
    a sweet kiss.
    Much love for Mother's day!
  10. Not only for today's Mother's Day celebration, my mother is also the best!
    I use this special day to tell her that I like her more than just.
    She does so many things for me, my mom - I love you!

Mother's day sayings for the mother-in-law

Mother's day sayings for the mother-in-law

Everyone's relationship with their mother-in-law is different. For this reason, you should be a little more careful with the Mother's Day sayings. The relationship can be very friendly or quite cool. Some people send a Mother's Day saying just out of politeness and tend to keep a low profile with their feelings, and some people can let their feelings run free because the relationship with their mother-in-law is open and cordial.

A good alternative is to choose a nice quote and write it on a card as a nice gesture. No matter what relationship you have with your mother-in-law, you can't really go wrong with a quote. Another alternative is to congratulate your mother-in-law with your partner. This avoids the lengthy formulation of a wide variety of empty phrases and forced words. Nevertheless, there are a few examples below if you want to give your mother-in-law a special treat.

  1. Happiness is when you have grown fond of your mother-in-law. Thanks for that and have a nice Mother's Day!
  2. Because I like your beautiful hair so
    and want to do you good on this day,
    I have a voucher for you
    it's going to the hairdresser, for you and me.
  3. I don't know why everyone always has problems with their mother-in-law, mine is great! Happy Mother's Day and stay the way you are.
  4. Thanks for listening
    thank you for always being there
    thank you for being my friend
    thank you for being you
  5. I'm looking forward,
    because we are connected.
    You treat me like your own child
    That's why I thank you.
    Much love for Mother's day!
  6. I want to thank you,
    that you gave birth to such a wonderful son.
    I will love him
    how you always loved him.
    I'll make sure he never forgets
    who is the real hero in his life.

Quotes for Mother's Day

Quotes have the nice quality that they are short. So you can use concise wisdom as a supplement to your self-written text. A single quote is also expressive, but your mother should finally notice that you have also thought about it. Quotes are also suitable as content for gift tags.

As a rule, the relationship with one's own mother is closer than that with the mother-in-law. Especially in cooler conditions, a quote is a good way to avoid a discreet and rigid choice of words.

  1. From my father I got nature, life's serious leadership,
    from the mother the cheerful nature, the pleasure of fiction.
    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  2. The best thing about me, I got it from her.
    (Peter Rosegger)
  3. There is only one completely selfless, completely pure, completely divine love. And that is the mother's love for her child.
    (Georg Moritz Ebers)
  4. Only a mother knows what to love and to be happy means.
    (Adelbert von Chamisso)
  5. No one can replace a mother, so she should be cherished from the heart!
    (Erna Ebenwald)
  6. In my heart I carry your face
    whatever happens, mother, I will not forget you!
    (Erna Ebenwald)
  7. There is no place in the world
    where one would be more secure
    than in the arms of the mother.
    (Selma Lagerlöf)
  8. The best way to raise a child is to find a good mother for him.
    (Christian Morgenstern)
  9. Gratitude is the memory of the heart.
    (Jean-Baptiste Massillon)
  10. No wisdom that can be taught on earth can give us
    what a word and a look from the mother gives us.
    (Wilhelm Raabe)

Mother's day poems

Those who want to be particularly poetic can either write a Mother's Day poem themselves or recite a well-known poem about Mother's Day. Every mother would of course be most touched if her child writes and recites a poem herself. If you want to avoid that, you can use the following poems. They deal with motherhood and the gratitude of children.

  1. So soft so warm ...
    So soft and warm
    If you don't have an arm
    How your mother's arm embraces you.
    You never find
    So sweet peace
    As if your eyes were on hers.
    (Paul Heyse)
  2. My dear mother
    My dear mother you
    I want to give you flowers.
    What I want to tell you about
    you can already guess: I wish you happiness and happiness,
    the sun should laugh at you!
    As best I can and always
    I want to make you happy, because mother’s days, that’s clear
    they are every day.
    I love you all year!
    I wanted to tell you that.

Mother's day sayings for mother and daughter

Mother and daughter have a very special bond. The daughter often sees her mother as a role model and emulates her. Once the daughter is older and maybe even a mother herself, she can get advice and support from her mom. Because you can almost always rely on them. Mother's Day is a great way to celebrate this special connection and to thank the mother from the bottom of my heart. This works particularly well with matching mother-daughter sayings.

  1. "The daughter of a good mother becomes the mother of a good daughter." (Proverb)
  2. "What the mother spins, the daughter weaves." (Proverb)
  3. "Those who still have a mother don't need to cry." (Proverb)
  4. "Look at the mother and you will understand the daughter." (Proverb)
  5. "A mother also understands what a child does not say." (Jewish wisdom)
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