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Translation of "speaks volumes" in French

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This speaks volumes about the nature of the challenges of our time.
Voilà qui en dit long sur la nature des défis de notre époque.
Dear colleagues, your reaction speaks volumes.
And the speaks volumes about the Burgue and its values.
The fact that you didn't pull the trigger speaks volumes.
The time, the chosen time of day, or rather night time, for the report to be dealt with in the European Parliament, so to speak with the automatic exclusion of the public, speaks volumes.
Le moment, le jour choisi - ou pour mieux dire la nuit choisie - pour traiter ce rapport au Parlement européen, pour ainsi dire à huis clos, en dit long.
Your silence speaks volumes.
The list of 85 tax breaks, some of which even have the character of a tax haven, that is currently on the table, speaks volumes.
La liste des 85 cas d'exonération fiscale actuellement disponible, qui s'assimilent partiellement à une situation de paradis fiscal, en dit long.
The - despite unparalleled propaganda - the low turnout of these new voters speaks volumesand yet, unlike the three monkeys, this European Parliament does not want to hear or see and, regrettably, above all does not want to be silent.
Le faible pourcentage de participation de ces nouveaux électeurs -malgré un tapage publicitaire encore jamais vu - en dit long, et, malgré cela, ce Parlement européen ne veut rien entendre, rien voir et, malheureusement, il ne veut pas se taire.
The low turnout in the EU elections speaks volumes.
The negative reaction even from the Hong Kong business community speaks volumes.
Your reaction, dear colleagues, speaks volumes.
That fact in itself speaks volumes on the Labor Party's position on the European Parliament.
Cela en dit long sur l'attitude du parti travailliste envers le Parlement européen.
Your reputation speaks volumes, Colonel.
I think the rest speaks volumes.
Miranda, I know you are loyal and that speaks volumes.
Miranda, je sais que do es loyal envers les tiens, et j'aime ça chez toi.
You know that speaks volumes...
You hardly know me, Johnny, but my reputation speaks volumes.
Tu me connais à peine, Jean, je te prie de croire à ma reputation.
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