What is a religious narcissist

Religious narcissism - a great danger to all societies

If we look at Turkey today, we see where religious narcissism leads: in banal, primitive nationalism that is religiously deposited. Many Turks justify why they find Erdogan venerable, on the one hand, because of his supposed economic success (which, however, may be based on other causes) and, on the other hand, of his Muslim fundamentalist piety. We have here a narcissistic, Islamist leader personality who radically gets rid of those who think differently and who spoils it through verbal primitivities with foreign states and companies and thus undermines its own economy (tourism and foreign investments). As is customary with followers of narcissistic people, the blind masses, waving flags, "hunched over" in a way that is basically degrading.

If you the great appearances of Erdogan in front of huge numbers of flag-waving people you can get a rough impression of what it might have been like in Germany under Hitler. He was a seducer of the people of a pathological nature, to whom the fate of the Germans was ultimately indifferent. It is always very revealing in such processes that even high-ranking personalities, who are suspected of having a certain intelligence, blindly follow these pied peoples. They reveal themselves to be stupid in the end.

Alliances are easy for narcissistic leaders to wipe out and supposedly replaced by other contacts. (see tendencies also from Trump).

It is Just one step from the appearance of narcissistic politicians to the Synchronization the media like this watching in Turkey is. It was with HitlerChristianity de facto aligned, especially since a standstill agreement was negotiated with the Roman Catholic Church (Concordat 20, July 1933, according to which the Pope kept quiet) and the majority of Protestants and their pastors belonged to the German Christians who collaborated closely with the NSDAP In such a case, synchronization means: disconnection.

I.In the USA it is currently also about a president suspected of narcissism, who is apparently on the verge of it, also the one Synchronize the press to want. The only thing missing there is the increased use of religious elements, which is what the Protestant fundamentalism widespread in the US is only a matter of time could be. Then we would have conditions there similar to Turkey, this time with far more serious consequences for the whole world. Germany would then have extremely bad cards.

So this is what it looks like when religion and narcissism pair up on a large scale. We should wake up in no time!

In general, we should be prepared for completely different times when it probably in the foreseeable future through irrational and isolationist politics there is likely to be a large number of unemployed in Germany too. The fat years are now over for many.

The greatest poison for relations between states is the re-emerging nationalism (see Poland, in connection with the Catholic Church, England and France), which regularly - history shows - goes hand in hand with hostility between states, which in the end has always resulted in war.

We can of course continue as if the threat did not exist, which only accelerates the progress towards the situation described.