What are some examples of transmedia storytelling

"Hunger Games" - an example of transmedia storytelling

The last film in the series is currently in theaters. But the transmedia campaign has been accompanying the “Hunger Games” since 2011. It looks at the world of Panem from different perspectives and uses the appropriate medium for this. We give a brief overview.

Fiction and reality, characters from the film and real personalities, offline and online, the transmedia campaign of the "Hunger Games" combines in such a way that one forgets for a moment that it is only is about a film: fashion series, interviews, weather forecasts and much more are created around the film plot.

So far, only a few companies have jumped on the trend to convey transmedial content. But there are always examples such as US shows that shoot small teasers for their fans on Snapchat or YouTube collaborations. Such a way of storytelling gives companies a great advantage: users do not have to pay with a “like” - as on the official product fan page - but can consume content without obligation. Such campaigns have a high recognition value, offer positive associations and topics of conversation.

And now - an example of a successful campaign: "The Hunger Games"

The series uses print posters, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as media.

The leading medium is Capitol Couture, a fashion magazine that presented the culture of the Capitol. For this purpose, large-scale posters were initially produced, which primarily did not refer to the "Hunger Games / Hunger Games":

If you search for “Capitol Couture” on Google, you end up on the Tumblr page of the magazine. Designers, brands and bloggers post here about the fashion of the characters.

Nowadays, fashion labels often use fashion bloggers as a channel to position new trends. And for many designers like Stella Jean or Maira Dora "Capitol Couture" is a worthy medium - like other blogs. YouTube stars also published tutorials in the magazine.

In addition to the cooperation with the fashion labels, there is an editorial team, headed by Monica Corcoran Karelwho is a contributor to the New York Times and Elle.

Of course, a state also needs its own website to keep citizens informed. All pages related to the "Hunger Games / Hunger Games" use the domain ending .pn, apparently the abbreviation for Panem. The actual owners of the TLD are the Pitcairn Islands, where 46 inhabitants were registered in the last census.

The Side of the capitol reports on the local weather in the districts and offers a stream for state television.

With the recent events in Panem and the unification of the districts, the channels have also been adjusted. Initially, the individual districts had their own social media channels on which they could introduce themselves. The revolution, which incidentally one is under revolution.pn could join, brought a united Panem. Old district pages have been deactivated and are now automatically linked to the Capitol.

Before the revolution was that Twitter channel of the Capitol is still Snow's main medium for spreading fear.

Soon the Capitol will no longer be able to suppress our freedom. #WeArePanemhttps: //t.co/zn0CMBuTqq

- One Panem (@TheCapitolPN) September 3, 2015

Since the information ministry of the Capitol sanctioned news from the individual districts, so the official statement, Google was able to help and published on the YouTube channel of the Capitol TV video:

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The revolution can also be felt on Instagram. The once hip @ capitolcouture account is now empty and refers to the united panem.

Fans who were active on the different channels could not get a knowledge advantage regarding the story. But that was not the aim of the campaign either. Rather, it was possible to cleverly use classic marketing channels in order to create a feeling of belonging among the fans. The audience had and still has the opportunity to identify with the fighters in the individual districts - and thus to delve deeper into the world of the “Hunger Games”. The aim of the transmedia campaign has thus been achieved.

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