How to make chicken breasts supple

Roast chicken breast: that's how it always works


The tender meat must not be fried too hot to keep it juicy. A thin protective layer of flour and spices must be used to ensure an appetizing tan: Mix 2 to 3 tablespoons of flour with half a tablespoon each of salt and pepper (and / or other spices, depending on the recipe). You can also use rice flour for Asian dishes.

Put enough fat in a pan to cover the bottom with a thin layer. The pan must be big enough that the meat fits next to each other. Heat the pan over medium to high heat (on a 12-point stove, this means on level 8 or 9).

Only when the pan is hot do you roll the chicken breast carefully in the flour and spice mixture. Knock off any excess flour and place the pieces of meat in the hot fat. The flour must not stick to the raw meat for too long so that it does not get moist.

Reduce the heat a little (to level 6 or so) and sear the chicken breast for 2 minutes on both sides. During this time the flour browns; this creates the coveted roasted aromas and the appetizing golden brown color. At the same time, the flour forms a protective layer so that the meat does not get dry (similar to the breading in Wiener Schnitzel).

Now turn the plate even lower: to the level at which a pot of water would continue to boil. On my stove this is level 2. Put the lid on the pan.

Now you have to be very brave: From now on you are not allowed to open the lid! Let the meat roast over low heat for 10 minutes, then turn off the stove and let the pan stand on it for another 10 minutes.

The reward for your patience: after 20 minutes you will have an appetizing, brown, juicy and aromatic piece of chicken breast that everyone will lick their fingers for.

How do you make crispy chicken breasts?

Skinless chicken breasts never get crispy because they don't have enough fat. If you want crispy chicken breasts, you have to either bread them or buy skin-on chicken breasts and fry them as I described in another post.