Is Gareth Bale overrated

Ex-Premier League player Curtis Woodhouse: "Ryan Giggs is incredibly overrated"

Former Premier League midfielder Curtis Woodhouse says ManUnited legend Ryan Giggs is "incredibly overrated". In a series of tweets, today's coach said that Giggs had benefited from his good teammates and that his individual performance was overestimated.

"Ryan Giggs is another incredibly overrated Manchester United player," wrote Woodhouse Twitter . The Welshman kept fit for a long time, but he played in a team that "dominated for years and was a goal machine. His statistics for goals and assists are terrible."

Ex-Premier League player: "You could mistake Giggs for a left-back"

Giggs is therefore "another Manchester United myth. Good player, but nothing more." As evidence, Woodhouse cited the statistics of today's Welsh coach: "Giggs has accumulated 162 assists and 109 goals in the Premier League in over 22 years - again: in over 22 years."

The former midfielder said: "His team has dominated these 22 years, breaking record after record. Ryan Giggs was a left winger and if you look at his stats you could mistake him for a left-back."

Also Giggs lich strong left foot thinks Woodhouse, who appeared in the meantime as a professional boxer after his football career, for overrated. He pointed out, "Giggs didn't even have a good left foot! He was an excellent athlete, but his left foot wasn't that good." In addition, Giggs had "never played a world-class season in 22 attempts".

Woodhouse: "Bale is better than Giggs"

Woodhouse then compared the former Red Devil with Real striker Gareth Bale and Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold. "Bale is better than Giggs, he's had a bigger impact in the club and in international football," wrote the former Sheffield player: "Giggs will have played longer than Bale, that's it. Ryan Giggs is in no way better than Gareth Bale . "

The 40-year-old also puts the 21-year-old Champions League winner Alexander-Arnold above Giggs. "TAA is more of a threat to attack than Giggs has been in 22 years. TAA is right-back and Ryan Giggs is left wing," Woodhouse scoffed.

Between 1991 and 2014 Giggs played 632 Premier League games for United and was the only player to win 13 championship titles. With 162 assists, the now 46-year-old is still the best assists in Premier League history.