Is Nawaz Sharif richer than Vladimir Putin

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Russia and India have agreed on closer political and economic cooperation. Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke out in a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Moscow on Thursday for a stronger role for India in solving global problems.

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Modi said he and Putin were very close in their foreign policy positions. Both top politicians affirmed in a joint final declaration that Russia and India are in favor of a political solution, for example in the Syrian conflict. Only an internal Syrian dialogue without outside interference could offer a way out, it said.

In view of the tensions with the West, Russia is urgently looking for allies for its foreign policy course. India is a promising candidate for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, according to Putin. According to information from Moscow, Russia and India traded goods and services worth 9.5 billion US dollars (8.7 billion euros) in 2014. This puts India in 19th place among Russia's most important trading partners.

Several agreements concluded

At the Moscow peak meeting between Modi and Putin, several agreements and deals were concluded, according to the Kremlin. The Russian state-owned company Rosatom and the Indian Atomic Energy Agency agreed, for example, to build nuclear power plants with Russian technology in India. Russia is one of the most important energy suppliers for his country, said Modi. The two nuclear powers agreed on further joint projects for the construction of nuclear power plants.

Modi expressed his condolences to Putin for the attack on a Russian passenger plane in Egypt and for the shooting down of a Russian fighter jet by Turkey. "It was a great tragedy and the Indian people mourn with Russia," said Modi. The two incidents occurred in October and November. The leaders of Russia and India traditionally come together for talks at the end of the year. According to the information, two meetings between Putin and Modi are planned for 2016.