When was the CSS bomb made

Counter-Strike: Source

Counter-Strike: Source



Valve / Turtle Rock Studios


November 01, 2004 (via Steam)
June 23, 2010 (via Steam)
February 05, 2013 (via Steam)


PC (Windows, Linux, Mac OS)

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Counter-Strike: Source (Abbreviation: CS: S) is an online tactical shooter from Valve. As a source port of Counter-Strike it represents the third part of the main series of Counter-Strike The game is, like its predecessor, about the fight between terrorists and the anti-terrorist units.

Gameplay [edit | Edit source]

Counter-Strike: Source has two official game modes taken from the first title. In mode Bomb disposal the terrorists must blow up a target with a bomb, while the anti-terrorist unit tries to prevent this by killing the bomb carrier. If the explosive charge is armed, the protectors still have the option to defuse it. In the scenario Hostage rescue is the goal of the counter-terrorists to free hostages of the terrorists. Conversely, the terrorists must then try to prevent this.

In addition to these two game modes, there are others that were developed by the Commuinity, such as a zombie mod, a deathmatch mode, a VIP scenario and more.

In the game, every action by the player is rewarded or punished with money and points. If you fulfill mission objectives or kill terrorists you receive money and points, but if you kill team members or hostages, for example, this is punished with high fines. The money raised can be used to buy weapons and equipment.

Almost all weapons and equipment from Counter-Strike were also taken over in this part. Few items, like the tactical shield, have been removed.

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