Where did you start singing

Donata summer

How did you get to the music? When did you start singing?

According to my parents, I have never not made music. I started singing and writing songs as a child. In school I was lucky enough to be encouraged early on with a lot of singing, theater and also in the orchestra. When I was nine I had my first violin lesson - that lasted until I graduated from high school. It's all part of my basic musical training.

Which training / further education have you done?

I had my first band when I was 18. After half a year we had our first gig. I quickly realized that I was reaching my limits: “I have to take singing lessons to learn the right technique”. In parallel with singing lessons, I have found that once you have learned the right technique, you can rely on it for the rest of your life. At first I had private singing lessons from Simone Stiers. At the jazz academy in Dortmund, with Sylvia Droste - a well-known singer and singing teacher - I then received further lessons. There I also had lessons in music theory, ensemble work and piano.

Which projects did Duals singer / musician have?

I have been active with Motosushi since I was 18 years old. In between I played in a musical. With Motosushi I have been to an incredible number of places in the world. As it should be, we played on every socket!

The highlights were certainly our two-hour gig with unplugged pieces. And of course our appearance at Rock am Ring.

I was also part of a well-known Bochum cover band, which is famous for its Bochum total marathon. Including Motosushi, I had 5 gigs on 4 days.

Some time ago I was even back on the other "boards that mean the world" and played weather at the Koffertheater.

Since then have you been working as a singing teacher?

I have been teaching singing since 2008. For me that was the logical consequence. Thanks to my training, I can also play the piano and accompany the singing students.

Until recently I was still a teacher at the Zenses music school in Hamm, where I was for 7 years. But I gave up this job for private reasons. I now have more time for my Bochum students and another talented singer in my own household;)

As a singing teacher, I want people to go into class openly. As the saying goes: a good teacher only opens doors. For me and the students this means: having fun, feeling joy while singing. And of course: Developing the right technology for you.

WantedYour singing lessons in Witten?

My students are very mixed. From people with big ambitions (band projects, TV shows) to pensioners who sing in a choir.

Was it the ideal way to have a singing student talk about your lessons?

"Now I understand it!" (laughs) In addition to learning to sing, sometimes the psychological effects of singing are also important: “Today I had a bad day, but now I'm really fine again.” As a singing teacher, you are also happy about that.

The interview with the Bochum singing teacher Donata Sommer was conducted by the freelance journalist Stefan Cofala.