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Power for the skeleton: Sun, exercise and the right diet ensure strong bones

Baierbrunn (OTS) - Anyone who has healthy bones can be happy: A strong skeleton is the best protection against broken bones, which can throw us off course. You can do a lot yourself to keep your bones healthy and strong into old age. Diet plays an important role in this, says Peter Kanzler, editor-in-chief of "Apotheken Umschau":

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"In order to strengthen the bones, the body needs a lot of calcium. This is contained in milk, yoghurt and cheese, but also in spinach, leek, hazelnuts and legumes."

Calcium in food is necessary, but is not enough on its own.

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"In order for the calcium to be built into the bones, vitamin D is primarily necessary. This is contained in sea fish, for example. But the body is also able to produce vitamin D itself. That is when we are in the sun a lot, at least Half an hour a day is necessary for this. For older people, vitamin D supplements can also be useful, consult your doctor. "

Exercise is also important: Sport not only ensures that we feel good all round, but also ensures healthy bones:

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"Sport is very important. Sport strengthens the bones, especially strength training. But it should be at least three ten minutes a week, only then does it make sense."

Jogging or aerobics are also recommended, according to "Apotheken Umschau". And if you have children, you should encourage them to exercise a lot in good time. Because children and adolescents who romp around a lot and do sports build up more bone mass than those who do not exercise. And they benefit from this well into old age.


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