How should I wash merino wool

Washing merino wool: the best tips for caring for your clothes

Merino wool has several positive properties. The wool is breathable, binds moisture, has antistatic properties, does not scratch and keeps you warm in winter and nice and cool in summer.

In addition, in contrast to classic sheep's wool, the wool of the merino sheep has particularly thin fibers. All of this makes merino wool the perfect material for sports and functional clothing. But the wool is also used for cozy sweaters or scarves.

Another plus: Unlike many other natural fibers, Merino wool is quite robust and easy to care for. Nevertheless, there are a few tips that should be followed so that the garment does not shrink or break. We have put together the most important care tips for merino wool.

Can i wash merino wool in the washing machine?

You can find out whether your merino wool garment can be washed in the washing machine from the instructions on the manufacturer's care label. Read about it: This is what the signs on the clothes labels mean.

As a rule, merino wool can be put into the machine without hesitation, unless otherwise stated. Most manufacturers even advise against hand washing the wool. Because with hand washing, the textile is often washed too hot. In addition, the wringing and kneading is very demanding on the fibers. Wool is very sensitive, especially when it is damp, the scales of the fibers can get caught and the garment shrinks and becomes matted.

Basically: Merino wool has to be washed significantly less often than other textiles, as the material has self-cleaning and antibacterial properties. If there is no heavy soiling, it is often sufficient to hang the item of clothing out in the fresh air - ideally in damp weather. The water vapor in the air carries away dirt particles and bad smells.

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Wash merino wool in the washing machine: this is how it works

Before machine washing, turn the garment inside out, only put it into the drum with items of the same color and close all zips and Velcro fasteners to avoid damage. If you like, you can also put the woolen item in a laundry net (here at Amazon *).

Washing merino wool: everything you need to know about the washing program, temperature and more.

It is recommended to wash textiles made of merino wool on a normal cycle at 30, at most 40 degrees in the washing machine. In addition, the garment should not be spun too hard, otherwise the fibers can sag or shrink. A low spin speed of 600 revolutions per minute is best.

Tip: Sometimes a second rinse is useful to completely remove all detergent residues and bacteria from the fabric.

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What is the best laundry detergent for merino wool?

Normal heavy-duty detergent can usually be used for merino wool laundry. When choosing the right detergent, however, care should be taken to ensure that it does not contain any surfactants or protease. Protease are enzymes that break down proteins and normally remove stains from clothing. In the case of merino wool, however, such enzymes can do exactly the opposite: the fibers can swell, causing clothing to lose its shape, cause pilling or matting.

Good to know: Since wool detergents often contain protease, it is not suitable for merino wool, but is intended for coarser wool.

Bleach or fabric softener or detergents that contain fabric softener are also taboo. It is best to use a pH-neutral detergent with no artificial additives for the merino wool textiles. There is now also a special merino detergent (you can order it here at Amazon *), which is particularly gentle.

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Drying merino wool properly: this is how it works

After washing in the washing machine, the following applies: Briefly pull merino wool pieces carefully into shape. Thanks to the gentle spinning, the wool should no longer be too wet. Therefore, the clothes can simply be hung on a clothesline to dry. It is even better if the textiles dry lying down on a clothes horse. Drying while lying down prevents the fibers from warping and the textile from losing its shape.

Absolute no-go: Tumble dry merino wool. The high temperatures and the rotating movement could damage the material. If you want to put the wool in the dryer, then only use the cold air program!

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Do i need to iron merino wool?

The nice thing about merino wool: ironing is usually not necessary because the fibers hardly crease. You still want to iron the textile? Then only use the hot steam of the iron to bring the sweater, scarf or Co. back into shape.

Extra tip: After washing wool several times, so-called pilling, i.e. pilling, can occur. To prevent matting, merino clothing should occasionally be washed together with coarse clothing such as jeans. But be careful: make sure to close all locks beforehand.

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