Can Hindus be tattooed

65 Hindu Tattoos: The Hinduism

The Hindu tattoos are one of the most traditional styles we can find and they have come a long way. Of course, the henna is an important element that can be seen at several social events, such as: B. for a wedding. We will focus on the topic of henna tattoos in another article.

The Hindu tattoos refer to an ancient culture, so one can observe numerous patterns that have been perfected throughout history and not only that, they also have deep and colorful meanings that make a great option for a tattoo. To do this, let's focus on different symbols related to this culture and what each of them means:

Sri Yantra is a symbol that presents the spiritual journey that relates to the past time and the vital experiences we gain in the course of life and which help us to grow. It is a symbol with a colorful and complex result that is not difficult to tattoo and the result of which can be very attractive.

Om is another classic symbol of Hindu culture. A symbol that relates to generation, nutrition and destruction. This is the basic sound that is used in various relaxation techniques and that has to do with vital energies that we have in our body.

Ganesha is a figure that shows an elephant head and that is sacred. It is related to wisdom and education, so it is a cherished symbol and figuratively it gives a beautiful result.

As we mentioned before, the henna tattoos in India on the body of women who are getting married are something very common. They are tattooed on the hand and on the legs. They are believed to bring luck and help and create a strong marriage.

People who admire Hindu culture often find a problem because the majority of symbols have multiple meanings and it can be difficult to decide which one to choose. Most people have multiple patterns tattooed that are easy to combine, but you shouldn't make the mistake of tattooing yourself a very cluttered tattoo because each of these symbols has numerous details, sketches and colors.

To conclude, one can say that Hindu culture offers a wide range of colorful patterns. Hence, one can unite the pattern with the meaning and achieve a figuratively beautiful tattoo with a deep meaning. The majority of these tattoos are small, which is why they naturally adapt to almost all parts of the body and the best parts of the body for this are the ankles, wrists and neck, but this can change again and again.

In the current gallery you will find tattoos that represent a deity or an object of Hinduism.

Indian elephant tattoo. The majority of tattoos that you will see in this collection have elephants in common, they are very common in India and very beloved animals so they are very much used in tattoos.

Elephant tattoo on leg. Simple design accompanied by a tribal tattoo on the bottom. Tattoo on a man.

Another three Indian tattoos with elephants.

Elephant tattoo with colors. Here we have another two Hindu tattoos on the arm and on the stomach

Hindu tattoo on the back a flower and one over an elephant

Design that is very difficult to tattoo

Another animal that often appears in the Hindus tattoos are tigers, as we can see in the boy's tattoo below

Other two photos with Hindu designs and tattoos on the back. One with black ink and the other with more colors

And finally a Hindu design in the forearm.

This design makes reference to one of the deities of the Hindu pantheon. It bears a certain resemblance to Vishnu and Shiva.

Male arm tattooed with the Hindu deity Vishnu.

Back tattooed with the deity Ganesha, of the human body and head of the elephant.

The deity Ganesha is one of the most popular when it comes to Hindu tattoos.

Design of Ganesha in an intense pink color

The Eye of Horus, surrounded by flames and with Daniel's name in a contemporary design.

Nice and well drawn design by Ganesha. We observe the OM symbol in the palm of the deity.

Design of the pitchfork with the OM symbol below.

Deity Ganesha with female eyes

Ganesha on blue lotus flower.

Blurry Ganesha tattoo on this boy's back

Tattoos in every color of the deity Ganesha with Arabic letters in the horn and a bright crown. This person also has a rat tattooed with a crown in the other hand.