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Transition from daycare to elementary school

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Alexandra von Plüskow-Kaminski is a primary school teacher. She works on a delegation from the State of Lower Saxony as an education coordinator for the Heidekreis educational landscape. She is currently completing part-time training as a systemic coach and process facilitator.

by Alexandra von Plüskow - Kaminski

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The transition from daycare to elementary school is pending? Then there is an exciting time ahead for you and your child. Because this step from daycare to school affects both your child and you as parents. How can you optimally support your child during this transition together with daycare and elementary school? The following contribution by our author Alexandra v. Plüskow-Kaminski brings important impulses for the transition period.

What are transitions?

Griebel and Niesel call transitions “transitions” in life (1). There is not only the transition from daycare to elementary school. These arise again and again along the educational chain - for example, from the family to daycare, from primary school to secondary school, from school to (university) training, from training to work and from professional life to retirement age. All of these transitions have to be mastered by those affected. Children are initially supported by their parents, who are also affected by the transition. In addition to expectations and anticipation, a transition always brings with it worries and possibly fears, which should be dealt with sensitively.

Own reflection on the transition from daycare to elementary school

As a parent, you should first consider for yourself what feelings and thoughts you have about your child's transition from daycare to primary school. Put this down in writing, also in the form of a mind map.

What do you think about the transition from daycare to elementary school?
How do you feel about these thoughts?
What are your concerns about the transition?
How does a successful transition for your child from daycare to elementary school look like for you?

Hold talks on the transition from daycare to primary school

Also, talk to your child about the transition. What am I looking forward to - what is it that worries him? How can you meet these worries and joy together?

For example, you can:
Choosing the satchel together. Buy a lunch box and water bottle for back to school. Talk about the school cone and think about what it should look like. Visit the new school as part of an introductory day or a school party. Tell about your own school days. What do you like to remember? What was funny What were your favorite subjects?

Transitional dialogues with educational professionals and teachers

The educational specialists and teachers of the daycare centers and primary schools work together to provide you and your child with the best possible support during the transition. Therefore, you should take advantage of the facilities offered for talks. In many facilities it is possible for both daycare and primary school staff to take part in the so-called development talks. In some cases this only happens if you expressly request it.
These conversations should be based on the skills of your child - and show possibilities for the further learning biography. Are additional language skills important when transitioning from daycare to elementary school? Then you can develop together how you can support your child optimally. For example, by reading picture books, purposefully expanding your vocabulary or by being willing to engage in dialogue yourself.

The transition from daycare to elementary school is an important step - from kindergarten to school child. Support your child empathetically and with positive impulses during this time. And let yourself be supported by the educational specialists in day care and elementary school. So that this transition runs optimally for your child and succeeds in the long term.

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(1) Griebel, Wilfried / Niesel Renate. Understand and accompany transitions. Transitions in children's educational careers. 2011

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